Moving With Pets: 5 Hacks for Success

Moving is generally stressful for everyone involved, and this includes your pets. But it doesn’t have to be. Your pet is a part of the family, and the moving process can cause a lot of stress for them.

Going to a new place, be it a new city or state, can be invigorating. Pets should be able to love the new environment they get to explore, but that can take time. By utilizing some of these tips for moving with pets, you and your pets will have an easier time adjusting and accepting a new home.

Tips for Moving with Pets

It’s not a good idea to jump into the moving process before you know how to transport pets and what your pet will need for the move. Professional movers can help with your side of the move, but taking your pet with you is typically a separate process. Different pets and types of animals will react to a move in unique ways, but these tips can help ease that process from the start.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Before you begin moving with animals, you need to be prepared and plan ahead. Know what your new space looks like. How long will it take to get there, and what will your pet need for the trip? If you’re driving, be sure they’re ready for the car ride and have their own crate or carrier comfortably in your car with whatever food or toys they will need. Plan the route, and designate plenty of stops for potty breaks.

Keep Calm  

When you begin packing for your move, your animal will be curious and could become stressed in the process. Provide them with their own room, away from the noise and bustle of packing materials, moving trucks, and more. Keeping them away from all this will keep them from getting underfoot and calm while you focus on where to put everything. Let the movers know which room is designated as your pet’s “safe room” so that they know not to enter that space.

Vet Prep

Be sure you are in contact with your vet about the best ways to move your pet if it’s a trip they haven’t made before. If you’ve never taken your pet on a plane before, it’s a good idea to prep for the trip with a professional’s advice. 

Prepare Your New Home

Animals can get into various trouble in a new space. Pet-proofing your new home is key to moving safely. You know your pet’s habit and the kinds of trouble they may want to get into while you’re busy unloading boxes. Plan ahead and get spaces ready for your pet to explore without worrying about how they could get hurt or damage your new home.

Update Tags and ID

Make sure that you update your pet’s identification tags with your new home information. If your animal has an ID chip, make sure that your new home information has been updated through the chip service as well. Sometimes scared pets tend to run off. Having current information on their tags assures that you can be reached if they get out and away from you.

Baby Steps

Similar to the moving-out process of keeping your pet in their own small area away from the action, when you’re moving in, it can be easier for your pet to provide them with a small new space at first. This also allows you to prepare one room for your pet and then deal with other areas instead of feeling like you have to do everything at once. 

Move Smart, Move Safe

If you plan and prepare for your move, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be smooth and easy for you and your pets. Moving with pets might feel daunting, but they can handle it if you take care of the necessary details and tend to their needs. 

Keep your pet safe and happy with these tips, and have a worry-free move to your new home. If you found these helpful, check us out for more great moving tips.