Dog-Friendly Destinations in Colorado Springs

If you’re considering moving to Colorado Springs, CO, with your dog, you’re in luck! This mountain town offers many pet-friendly activities and destinations, all perfect for times you don’t want to leave your pup behind.

From off-leash parks to cafes that welcome dogs, here are a few favorite dog-friendly destinations to explore in Colorado Springs, CO.

Off-Leash Parks in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is famous for its outdoor activities — and there’s no reason to leave your dog at home. The city’s many off-leash parks are perfect for Fido to run, play and socialize with other pups.

Of course, there are a few rules every dog (and their humans) must follow, including:

  • Dogs must be licensed and up-to-date on their vaccinations
  • A maximum of three dogs per human visitor
  • Aggressive dogs must wear a muzzle
  • Dog owners must pick up after their pets

Some popular local spots include Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park. This fenced-in area is planted with grass and, while simple, is a great place to let your dog run and play. In addition, rampart Park offers a securely fenced area, water spigots for thirsty dogs, and hills of mulch for digging.

Palmer Park’s dog area is also completely fenced so that pets will be safe off-leash. Here you’ll also find downed trees for agility training and water fountains. Palmer Park boasts 25 miles of walking and biking trails, too, if Fido still needs more exercise to work out all that doggie energy.

Colorado Springs offers areas where dogs can be off-leash if you’d like to let your dog run without fences. But, of course, they still need to be under your voice control. 

Garden of the Gods Park offers 1,300 acres to explore; the area south of Gateway Road and east of Rock Ledge Ranch is all open to off-leash dogs. In addition, Red Rock Canyon Open Space offers dog-friendly loop trails, and the unfenced Yucca Flats area in Palmer Park is open to off-leash dogs, too.

Dog-Friendly Businesses in Colorado Springs

After an intense doggie workout, there’s nothing better than relaxing at a welcoming eatery. Many Colorado Springs establishments welcome dogs, but Pub Dog is unique, allowing indoor dining with pups. This combo dog park, restaurant, and bar offers a fenced-in off-leash dog area and a full menu and bar for humans.

The Lazy Dog Pub welcomes canines onto their outdoor patio — and they also offer a menu designed just for Fido. Other dog-friendly eateries include Pizzeria Rustica, where you can relax with a pie and your pup on the patio, and Brass Brewing Company, where you can bring your (leashed) pup to your table.

During the summer months, head to the Promenade Shops at Briargate to take in an evening movie. They present family-friendly films outdoors, and your leashed pet is welcome to watch, too. The Wild West Ghost Town Museum also allows leashed dogs to visit.

Moving to Colorado Springs

There’s so much to see and do in Colorado Springs, CO — for both you and your four-legged best friend. If relocating to Colorado Springs is in your future, Arrow Moving & Storage can help! Contact us today to learn how we can make your move with your pets stress-free.

First-Night Box Items to Pack for Your Pets

Moving from one home to a new home typically involves multiple to-do lists. One essential list involves assembling your first-night box. As you pack these items for your household members, remember that your pets will need their essentials too.

1. Carrier/Crate

You’ll need a pet carrier to transport your furry friends to their new homes safely. Be sure to tuck in a comfortable blanket or other material your pet is familiar with to help them feel comfortable and secure.

2. Collars and Leashes

Before you leave, double-check to ensure your pet’s collar has an engraving of your name, phone number, and new address. Hectic events like moves can scare a pet. If they run off during the chaos, the person finding them can ensure they return home to you.

Once you arrive, your dog will likely need a walk fairly quickly. Remember to bring a leash for each dog you own.

Pro Tip: If your pet is microchipped and registered, update the details on your account. Change your address, phone number, and email address as needed. Additionally, you can update your veterinarian or insurance information or change your pet’s name.

3. Food

Plan to pack enough pet food to last a few days, so you aren’t digging through moving boxes or running from store to store to find the type of food your pet eats, especially if they’re on a special diet. This way, your pet can keep up its standard routine, and you won’t be stuck dealing with an upset tummy and extra clean-up tasks.

4. Dishes

Remember to tuck in suitable water and food bowls for your pets. This way, you don’t need to grab the first thing you find, such as your vintage dishes or mom’s China bowls.

5. Toys

Your pets will feel more comfortable and less stressed if familiar items surround them. So, pack a few of their favorite playthings, including chew toys, bones, catnip, or small toys they can use to bat around and play.

6. Litter Box/Poop Bags

Like humans, pets will need to do their business when they arrive. One of your first to-do tasks is to plan to take your pup for a walk and set up a litter box for your kitty. This way, they don’t find their own places to go, which will likely be the opposite of your plans.

When you take your dog for its walk, be sure to bring poop bags. Many communities have strict laws and issue fines to people who don’t pick up pet waste. You don’t want to be caught without any means to pick up after your canine, upsetting your neighbors. Besides, it creates a mess.

7. Bedding

If your pet typically sleeps in a specific bed, pack it in a place where you can easily find it. If not, pack a comfortable quilt or blanket for them to sleep on. (Unless, of course, they usually cuddle up with you!)

Ready to Plan Your Upcoming Move?

Making sure your furry pals have essential items they need, along with a few niceties, can go a long way towards giving them an easier transition to a new home. Pets, like humans, can get stressed, and perhaps even more so, since they don’t know what’s happening.

Ready to plan your move? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help ensure you have a seamless move. We offer free quotes.