Cozy Pubs in Colorado Springs, CO

When the temperatures drop, and the snow falls, there’s no better place to be than settled in a cozy pub. If you plan on moving to Colorado Springs, CO, there are plenty of great options to warm up those winter evenings.

Whether you’ve spent the day skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing — or simply are craving a warm, friendly place to relax — these comfortable Colorado Springs pubs fit the bill.

Golden Bee Gastropub at The Broadmoor

Travel back in time at the Golden Bee Gastropub for a taste of historic British charm. This authentic English pub was transported from England to The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs over 60 years ago. Settle in at a table or the bar surrounded by warm wood paneling and enjoy some famous UK hospitality. Here, you’ll find a full menu of beer choices and pub fare, such as pastrami sandwiches and fish and chips.

Hatch Cover Bar and Grill

Head to a local favorite to get cozy by the fire and play a few rounds of darts or pool. The Hatch Cover Bar and Grill offers a respite from the cold, with TVs playing the big games, poker tables, and even karaoke. There’s a full menu if you’re in the mood for lunch or dinner and a regular schedule of fun bar games like bingo and trivia night in an informal neighborhood atmosphere.

Upstairs Wine Bar

Despite its name, the Upstairs Wine Bar also offers many imported beers and spirits. Relax by the fire and taste wines from around the globe at this upscale yet casual destination. Choose from several shared plates and desserts featuring seasonal ingredients, or pair your drink with a freshly baked baguette from the bakery downstairs.

Colorado Mountain Brewery

For a truly local taste, head to Colorado Mountain Brewery. With two locations in Colorado Springs, this welcoming spot lets you choose craft brews made on-site, featuring seasonal flavors. Order a burger off the full menu and grab a seat by the fire for the whole experience. Stop by early to take advantage of daily happy hour specials.

Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

Catch a taste of Ireland when you grab a pint at Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub. Located in a historic building that dates back to the 1800s, you’ll feel right at home in the original brick, wood, and stained glass decor that was lovingly restored by authentic UK craftspeople. Jack Quinn’s offers daily drink specials, and the staff is happy to suggest food and drink pairings from the extensive menu of Colorado-produced brews. There’s live entertainment almost every night at this lively pub.

Get Acquainted with Your New Home

You will discover your new favorite pub in Colorado Springs with a warm atmosphere, excellent brews, and mouthwatering food, so settle in by the fireplace and take in your new neighborhood!

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8 Tips for Moving to a Building without an Elevator

It’s hard to overstate how valuable elevators are in modern life. Not only do they allow us to access tall buildings, but they make moving so much easier. So, if you’re moving into an apartment building without an elevator, you must adapt accordingly. Another consideration is that some elevators may not be operational on moving days or are too small to accommodate large pieces of furniture.

Regardless of the circumstances, here are some top tips on managing when moving into an upstairs location without elevator access.

1. Measure All Large Items

Moving heavy furniture like a couch or table up the stairs can quickly become tricky if you jam it into a narrow space. In such a scenario, you might have to resort to destructive measures like breaking the furniture to remove it.

To avoid this, measure your larger items (like a couch) and the stairwell. As long as the piece isn’t too wide or cumbersome, you should be able to wiggle it around and make it work.

2. Disassemble Everything You Can

Sometimes, you can take apart furniture before moving it. While this process can be time-consuming, it will make moving much more manageable. While items like couches and chairs can’t be broken down (without significant challenges), certain tables, dressers, and other pieces can. Just make sure to keep any accessories with the piece so they don’t get separated (i.e., screws and bolts).

3. Consider Shedding Bulky Furniture

If you’re moving without a working elevator, you may have to make some hard choices. Is it better to keep your existing furniture or downsize to something small and compact? You don’t want to take this decision lightly, but consider how easy it will be to move in and out of your new home.

4. Use Dollies and Hand Trucks As Appropriate

A dolly is a flat piece with wheels, while a hand truck has a tall handle for grabbing. A hand truck can often navigate each step easily when carrying items up a flight of stairs, while a dolly cannot. That said, dollies can make moving heavy items through hallways easier so you don’t overexert yourself.

Also, remember that you should strap your belongings to a hand truck so they don’t fall off accidentally.

5. Start With Heavier Items

Depending on how much stuff you’re moving, you want to be strategic with how you use your time and energy. At the beginning of the move, you’ll be able to handle heavy belongings more easily. If you wait until the end of the day, you’ll be tired and sore, and moving a heavy piece may seem impossible.

6. Use Bumper Pads to Protect Walls

Bumper pads are thin, padded sheets that you can place on the corners of furniture to protect it from dings and scratches. They are also helpful in preventing wall damage from heavy furniture.

7. Get Lots of Help

Ideally, you can have three or four people helping you with moving items up and down the stairs. This way, individuals can take breaks without disrupting the flow of the move. Also, having more people makes it easier to block off stairwells, doorways, and hallways when moving items through the building.

8. Utilize Full-Service Movers

Professional moving experts are always the best to ask for advice when moving large furniture. Hire a professional mover if you need serious assistance. They have the experience and know how to handle various, unique moving situations.

Let Us Lighten Your Moving Load!

If you want to avoid moving your belongings yourself, let our professional movers handle the stress for you. Not only do we have a vast amount of experience moving items, but we also know what to anticipate and can plan accordingly. In most cases, hiring movers is significantly more convenient and stress-free, so contact us immediately for a free estimate!