Moving Tricks: Your Complete Guide to Getting Set up in a New Location

Most people view moving to a new home as a stressful event. Yet, we can all benefit from a move in some ways, especially if we systematically and calmly approach it. 

Studies show that any fresh start can help motivate us to renew our goals and aspirations. 

These moving tricks and tips will help you get settled in your new home as quickly as possible and embrace all the best benefits of relocating to a new home. 

Plan Your Room Layouts

Planning is always a sure-fire way to ensure things run smoothly, and there are many ways to streamline proceedings during a move. 

Before you move into your new house, walk through it while it’s empty to get an idea of the space and how you might set out your furniture.

If you can’t get a copy of the floor plans, take the measurements and draw a rough sketch of the layout by hand. Or plug the measurements into a room layout app. Use this tool to develop your floorplan and determine where your furniture will fit.

Remember to measure all the windows so that you can alter or replace your window dressings as necessary as well.

By planning your room layouts, you can help your movers place items in the correct rooms on arrival and decide which items of furniture to donate or recycle before moving.

Create a Move-in Ready Home

When you visit your new home in advance, you can also carry out any repairs or painting and pet- or child-proof areas before you arrive.

Use this time to locate the fuse box and water shut-off valve so that you know where they are when you need them. It’s essential to set up new utility accounts in advance and ensure your house has water and electricity from the first day.

Ensure you have enough electrical outlets for your needs and ask an electrician to install some more if needed. 

Arrange for a housekeeping service to conduct a deep cleaning a few days before you move in. 

Figure Out the Lay of the Land

Spend time in your new neighborhood and surroundings. Locate local grocery, convenience, and hardware stores, and the nearest hospital, and preferred bank. Knowing where the shops are will help.

Get off to an excellent start by introducing yourself to your neighbors before you move in. They might even provide useful community information or restaurant recommendations.

Decluttering Is Vital Before Moving

There’s a good chance you’ve accumulated a lot of unnecessary belongings during your stay in your current home. Moving is the ideal time to get rid of duplicates, broken items, and things you no longer need.

Donate these to a worthy cause, recycle them, or dispose of them responsibly. Charitable acts create a sense of self-esteem and can help you live longer too. 

Discover More Moving Tricks

By completing as much as you can in advance, you can save yourself most of the inconvenience of moving to a new home.

So, book your moving service early and start planning an effortless and exciting relocation.

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