7 Steps to Help You Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

A change of scenery can also offer life-changing opportunities. But picking up and moving your life and belongings isn’t always easy.  Planning for a long-distance move is a big task, but it’ll be much easier with these long-distance moving tips.

Tips for a Long-Distance Move

The smartest way to start with a long-distance move is to make a plan. Using these tips, you can create a moving strategy to quickly, safely, and efficiently get you to your new destination.

Pick a Date

When can you move and when do you have to move? If you’re moving for a job or a time-sensitive reason, starting with a date will give you the best chance to be there on time and with some breathing room.

Hire Professionals

Moving in the same neighborhood or city may feel easy with a few strong friends and a truck. But moving to another state is a different situation. When you’re planning a big move, like moving internationally, it’s best to hire a company that knows what to do.

You can get a good estimate from multiple companies before deciding. Start the process early and work with professionals who can help you move without worry. 

Plan Your Pack

Are you wondering how to pack for a long-distance move? It can feel overwhelming without a plan. An excellent place to start is with a timeline of events, so you know where and when to begin.

Once you have a timeline, you can begin on lists of what to pack and when it needs to be packed. You may leave some things until the last minute to pack, but you can take care of a lot ahead of time, leaving you with less to worry about as your moving date comes closer.


A long-distance move may offer a chance to start over and begin anew. But it won’t be any easier if you insist on bringing every little thing you own with you. You can save money, time, space, and energy by downsizing before you move.

Consider donating to friends, family, or local stores and shelters. If you plan ahead you can also make some money off items you don’t need by selling them before the move.

Label Everything

The last thing you want when arriving in a new city, state, or country is to be lost in a sea of brown boxes with no idea where anything is. It’s one of the most simple moving tricks but also easy to forget. Keep a marker on you as you box up your home to make the unpacking and even loading up process easier for everyone.

Prepare Essential Items

Think of the things you use every day like your toothbrush, a change of clothes, and other necessities. When you’re packing everything up, make sure you plan a few boxes and bags of items you’ll need for the trip out to your new home, and for those first few days when everything is still boxed up. These priority items will come in handy as you settle in.

Don’t Delay

One of the most important long-distance moving tips is to simply not wait. As soon as you know your plan, you can get started. Packing tends to take longer than expected, and it’s easier to stay organized if you’re on schedule and not rushing to finish up before the movers arrive. Start quickly and stay on top of the process to make moving to another state or overseas look easy.

To the Next Adventure

A long-distance move offers you a new home and a new state or country to explore. It should be an exciting time. By planning ahead you can avoid unnecessary stress and focus on the positives. And if these moving tricks helped you feel more ready than before, check us out for more good tips.