Fun Indoor Attractions in Colorado Springs

When the weather is a bit too cold outside, and you seek the comforts of indoor fun, remember, Colorado Springs, CO,  has fun indoor attractions to keep you busy. That’s just one of the reasons why moving to Colorado Springs is a great idea.

Read on to learn about entertaining things to do inside when the weather outside is frightful.

CityRock Climbing Center

Don’t let the temperature keep your feet on the ground. At CityRock Climbing Center, you’ll have your pick of indoor rock climbing activities. Geared toward climbers of all ages and abilities, you can learn to belay or lead, discover slacklining, spend time on a hang board, or take a yoga class. Relax afterward with a massage or Reiki, and grab a drink and a healthy meal at UTE Restaurant.

Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum

Learn about the rich history of the Pikes Peak area at the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum. Set in a historic building in the heart of downtown, this interactive museum offers a glimpse into Colorado Springs’ past and future through the stories of the area’s indigenous peoples, early settlers, and more. Lunch and Learn events bring special guest speakers on diverse topics to the venue, and the lecture series offers ongoing education and inspiration for Colorado Springs residents.

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum

Ready to feel inspired? The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum tells the remarkable stories of top American athletes, making it the perfect catalyst to reach your own goals. It’s also a great destination when the temperatures drop. As one of the country’s most accessible and inclusive museums, there are activities here for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check out the museum’s special event calendar, too.

Cosmo’s Magic Theater

Are you ready to be amazed? Then, you won’t want to miss Cosmo’s Magic Theater. This Colorado Springs attraction features a full schedule of world-class illusionists, live jazz performances, comedy shows, and more. Shows are family-friendly, but evenings are geared more toward an adult audience, while weekend afternoons are more for the younger set. It’s all set in an elegant theater, giving you the perfect excuse to dress up for a night on the town.

Glen Eyrie Castle

On a chilly afternoon, there’s nowhere better to be than cozied up with a pot of tea (or two) with a majestic view of Pikes Peak. For the whole royal experience, head to Glen Eyrie Castle, where you can enjoy a full afternoon tea service in the lovely castle music room. Afterward, take a tour of the castle and be transported back to the 1800s, when Glen Eyrie was home to Colorado Springs founder Brigadier General William Jackson Palmer. Reservations are highly recommended.

The Broadmoor World Arena

Want to watch a hockey game or see Disney on Ice, take in a comedy show, or dance to your favorite band? You’ll find it all at The Broadmoor World Arena. This local destination brings all the big names to Colorado Springs and many local luminaries. Whether you want to see a famous orchestra or learn how to ice skate, you’ll find it in this world-class venue.Are you considering a move to Colorado Springs? Great choice! There’s always much to see, learn, and do, no matter what time of year. We’re here to help with the heavy lifting, so contact us today for a free quote.

Choosing Office Space for Your Business Relocation

The need for more office space indicates that a business is expanding and doing well. Not only do you get to help define your company culture based on the space, but you can better connect with your customers and employees. Choosing new office space for relocation is a big decision, with several complicating factors. Considering the many elements that go into a successful office location will help keep you and your team successful.

Commute Times

The office is a place for employees to gather and function for your business. It only makes sense to consider their concerns and overall quality of life. Before choosing a new office location, consider the average commute times for your employees. Many companies will perform a commuting analysis to determine how beneficial a new office location is for employees. Not only will a short commute time keep current employees happy, but it can be a significant incentive to attract new talent to your business.

Flexible Space

Many businesses use a hybrid business model, blending traditional office space with a work-from-home application. Make sure your new office space has the flexibility to work with the changing flow of employees. Typically, employees seek a large, open workspace with plenty of natural light. Ensure employees can escape for a recharge in private and quiet spaces. Modern office spaces allow collaboration with large desks and a relaxed gathering space.

Lease Flexibility

In the current economic climate, business owners must plan for uncertainty and the unexpected. Even if you run a fantastic business, remember that external circumstances can quickly cause a business to take a right turn. Be sure your office space has a flexible lease option to allow you to break the lease and relocate if necessary.


Consider your overall budget when searching for a new office location. Keep in mind that your budget should include more than just monthly rent. There are often hidden fees associated with large office complexes and buildings. Ask about potential association dues, janitorial service costs, or maintenance fees. Consider the location and how it’ll impact taxes and utilities. For the sake of your employees, ask about the current IT setup and any potential parking fees. These additional costs can quickly add up and put you at or over your maximum budget.


Of course, you want your new office location to have enough room to fit your employees comfortably, but you must also consider auxiliary space. Does your new office location have room for breakout meetings or conference space? An integrated conference room is ideal for employee gatherings and can save money in the long run by hosting meetings and events on-site. Of course, having too much space is also problematic. Paying to power, heat, and cool an unoccupied oversized building is a waste.

Customer Base

Customers are crucial to your business, so you must consider their needs. You’ll want to find an office location close to your customer base. You’ll have more success drawing from your existing customers and potentially expanding your base further if you’re in an easily accessible part of town.

Moving Your Business Simplified

Setting up a new office location is exciting and a sign of growth and success. A moving team helps contribute to your success with a smooth and seamless moving day. Contact our experienced team today for a quote on your next office move.