5 Helpful Business Moving Tips for Relocating Your Offices

Businesses relocate for various reasons, ranging from increased customer traffic and improved growth opportunities to simply needing more space. However, moving a company is time-consuming and disruptive. That’s why businesses making a corporate move must have a relocation plan.

Here are five helpful office moving strategies for relocating your office.

1. Create a Timeline

The first step in the moving process is to create a timeline. Be realistic about how much time you will need to prepare for the move.

Small businesses usually need at least three to six months to accomplish a move. Medium to large-sized companies will often need at least six months to a year to plan a move.

It’s helpful to create a multiple week timeline of expectations. Include the following to-dos on your timeline:

  • Create a detailed budget
  • Select a professional corporate moving company
  • Develop an inventory list of all furniture and equipment
  • Notify vendors and customers about your address change and new contact information
  • Contact service providers for electricity, gas, phone, and waste management to notify them of your move and arrange the connection, installation, or disconnection of service
  • Schedule mail forwarding
  • Order new stationery, marketing material, and business cards with the new business information

2. Assign a Team to the Move

A successful corporate move depends on the cooperation of the employees.

Choose a person to be the in-office move coordinator responsible for all moving-related issues. Then, designate people as team leaders from other departments to check-in with this coordinator to give progress reports. Department heads and managers, for example, could be team leaders who make sure each employee is responsible for packing up their desks and personal items.

The team leaders could:

  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Make sure their team meets deadlines
  • Confirm moving tasks are completed
  • Communicate challenges to other team leaders

The moving team could also assist in identifying issues with the current office space and work to find solutions for the new office. This allows employees the chance to provide input and gives them some ownership in the move.

3. Coordinate Moving Day Itinerary

Prepare for moving day by planning every element.  Make sure that everyone on your move team is informed and knows what will happen.

Schedule a meeting one month before the move as well as each week leading up to it.

If your business will stay open on moving day, determine who will be working. Can they work remotely? Or should you schedule them to move into the new office a few days before everyone else?

4. Use Open Communication

Remember to use open communication during a move. Express expectations to employees and team members to make sure everyone is one the same page. Provide support channels and give an accurate impression of what’s ahead.

Allow plenty of time for any relocating employees to prepare!

5. Hire Movers

Experienced movers will help you create a detailed moving plan and lessen stress and hassle on employees. Professional office movers know your office equipment is vital to your business and will handle your things with care. 

They are appropriately insured and licensed so you can rest assured. With a professional moving service, you and your employees can focus on what matters most: your business. Avoid disruptions and missing office time with hired movers. 

Business Moving

Businesses have enough to think about; don’t let business moving plans be one of those worries. Get ahead of the game and make relocating your office a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

What are you waiting for? Your new office awaits!

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5 Awesome Reasons to Hire a Professional Moving Company

Most people dread the thought of a household move. From the packing and lifting to the loading and unloading, the process is overwhelming, taxing, and time-consuming. 

There are many reasons and benefits to hire professional movers. Save your time and patience and reduce your stress level by hiring the right professional movers to make a huge difference and make your move easier.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider a professional moving company.

1. Experience

Experience is an essential component when it comes to executing a successful residential move.

Professional movers are trained to handle personal belongings properly throughout the relocation process. From your smallest treasure to your largest piece of furniture and appliances, professional movers know exactly how to expertly pack, lift, maneuver, then secure your belongings on the moving truck.

Also, professional moving companies provide you with experienced drivers who know how to transport your belongings. Whether it’s a local or cross-country move, movers know how to handle their large trucks in all kinds of weather and conditions. Professionals know the best routes to take and where they can operate.

2. Convenience

The help of professional movers provides convenience. 

Convenience is much more important than you may think, especially if you’ve never moved before. It’s easy to say you can handle it yourself. But moving is always more stressful than one imagines it will be.

Undoubtedly, you’ll plan and prepare for the move weeks in advance. But it’s not until you’re in the thick of it that you realize the high level of stress that comes with it. 

Those who aren’t experienced movers find it more difficult, tedious, and time-consuming than they estimated it would be. Avoid this headache by hiring professionals. 

3. Reliability

Many things can go wrong when attempting to handle a move yourself. The friends that you recruited to help may cancel at the last minute, or you may discover you’re in over your head partway through the task.

Hiring movers secures a reliable team of professionals you can trust to accomplish the job on time. 

4. Safety 

The wisdom and experience of professional movers also lower the chance of moving-related accidents. That goes for those doing the lifting and those around them.

For that matter, you won’t have to do any lifting at all. There’s no chance of you throwing your back out. Plus your belongings stay safe when moved by professionals who know how to lift and place boxes the correct way.

5. Various Services 

When you hire professional movers, you are not only locking in a company to do the heavy lifting. You will also be able to choose from additional services that will make moving easier for you.

Moving pros can pack, load, transport, and even unpack your belongings. You can select the services that fit your needs. In addition, many movers can assist with a long-distance move as well as provide storage solutions for things your new home is not ready for yet.

Hire a Moving Company

In today’s hectic world, moving to a new home can be a big disruption to your life. Reduce the many stresses inherent in the process; hire qualified movers to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

If you’re planning a move, let us help. Contact us today for a quote.