Strategies for Last-Minute Relocation

You just landed your dream job in a new city and now have to pack up your home and move quickly. Where do you even begin?! With so many moving pieces involved with a move, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But, with careful planning and quick action, you can have a successful, relatively stress-free residential move even on short notice.

Make a Plan

While your head is spinning from the news of an unexpected move, you need to take a moment to get organized and come up with a plan. Write down a list of everything that needs to happen to get out of your current home and into your next one. Create your list, placing time-sensitive tasks at the top of it. Keep to your to-do list so you can meet your tight moving deadline.

Start Making Calls

After making your to-do list, start making phone calls to help facilitate your relocation. For example, you may need to arrange short-term housing in your new city while you look for a house. Or, you might have to give your current landlord notice that you’ll be leaving. Call your utility companies to notify them when you’ll end your service. Contact a realtor to get your current house on the market if applicable. Of course, contact movers early to ensure your moving date is available.

Out with the Old

Now is the perfect time to purge your house. As you move from room to room, pack your belongings and discard anything that you haven’t or won’t use in the future. Putting the time and resources into packing items you’ll never use doesn’t make sense. Make sure to sort your discarded items into piles. Have a pile for items you plan to sell, items you want to donate, and those that can go straight to recycling.

Packing Supplies

Gather as many packing supplies as you can. While you can purchase your supplies at a store, remember to use your home resources. Shredded paper, plastic bags, and towels can all help protect some fragile items in boxes. Contact local businesses for boxes that vendors may have used for shipments, or contact your friends to see if they have moving supplies at home you can use.

Don’t Overthink—Pack

With limited time, you need to pack now and sort later. Do not worry about box “themes” or grouping similar items. Your goal is to get all of your belongings from your current home to your new one safely. If a limited time frame means you can not sort items optimally or keep an itemized list of what you packed where that’s okay. If you must combine dissimilar items when packing, ensure you wrap everything safely and securely. You can handle the sorting once you arrive at your new place.

While it might be tempting to skip the labeling task— don’t. Take the time to label your boxes. It will be to your advantage when you arrive at your new home. The boxes will make it into the appropriate rooms, and if you need something right away, you can scan your labels to find it.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Remember that you don’t have to pack your entire house alone. Many hands can make light work, so contact local friends and family to help you move. Have a fun weekend with friends while you work to pack your house. The more people who chip in to help, the less of a load the move will be on your shoulders.

Dedicate Time

It will be very easy to become engrossed in day-to-day activities while attempting to organize your move. Make sure to dedicate a particular amount of daily time to packing and organizing. Even if it is just an hour a day, keep that time aside to be productive with your move. When you have a deadline fast approaching, it can be shocking how quickly time can fly away.

Moving Quickly

With a professional moving team in your corner, you can rest easy for your next move. Caring, dedicated, and experienced professionals can move you and your family, even on short notice. To get a quote for your next move, contact us today.

Date Night Restaurants in San Antonio, TX

When you’ve got an anniversary, birthday, or other significant occasion on the horizon — or you just want to let that special someone know how much you care — nothing says romance quite like a fine dining experience. Fortunately, if you’re moving to San Antonio, you’ll have fantastic choices.

Here are some favorite eateries for a romantic date night in San Antonio, TX.

Chama Gaúcha Brazilian Steakhouse

For an interactive fine dining experience neither of you will ever forget, reserve a table at Chama Gaúcha Brazilian Steakhouse. Winner of Open Table’s Best in San Antonio list, this upscale eatery features all-you-can-eat meats with a twist: Skewers of USDA prime meats are grilled and brought tableside for carving. Pair it all with the perfect wine from Chama Gaúcha’s global list and a fantastic salad bar for a truly unforgettable meal.

Ostra Restaurant

Elegant. Sophisticated. Exquisite. These are just a few of the words used to describe Ostra Restaurant. Here, you’ll find amazing views of the San Antonio Riverwalk in an upscale yet relaxed atmosphere. The menu focuses on sustainable seafood and impeccable service. Be sure to check out the award-winning wine list and take advantage of the fantastic oyster bar, packed with fresh offerings from the sea.

Tre Trattoria

It’s easy to see why locals consider Tre Trattoria an ideal date night setting. The setting in the stunning San Antonio Museum of Art is extraordinary. Sit outside on the patio and enjoy the views of the Riverwalk, or get cozy inside the beautifully renovated historic Bereta Hops House. Chef Jason Dady’s menus feature reinvented classics from Italy’s Tuscan region, with handcrafted pastas and pizzas baked in cast iron.


Local favorite Bliss offers a romantic and unusual setting for date night. Bliss is set in a lovingly restored former filling station, and the menu focuses on the creative preparation of seasonal ingredients. Expect a memorable meal; Bliss has received numerous Traveler’s Choice and Diner’s Choice awards and has been included on Open Table’s 100 best restaurants for foodies in the U.S.

18 Oaks

If you dream of a casual yet elegant setting for your special date night, head to 18 Oaks. This highly-rated steakhouse at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa is known for perfectly cooked steaks, seafood, and other prime cuts. Request a table near the fireplace or on the patio for an incredibly romantic evening.


San Antonio is known for its outstanding Mexican cuisine, and it doesn’t get more innovative than the menu at Mixtli. Reserve a spot in the intimate dining room and get ready to enjoy a truly unique dining experience that melds traditional cooking techniques from around Mexico with modern interpretations. This fantastic eatery only has a few seats, so reservations are necessary.

When it’s time for date night, San Antonio offers many excellent options — and there’s so much to see and do in this vibrant Texas city. If you’re planning a move to San Antonio, Arrow Moving & Storage is here to help! Contact us today to learn more.

5 Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home

Moving into a new place can be exciting, especially when considering that a new home is a fresh canvas in many ways. One thing you might struggle with upon moving into a new house is that it doesn’t feel like home immediately.

The good news? There are some small yet effective things you can do to start making your new place feel more like the cozy home you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Personalize With Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to personalize your new space! Whether it’s a bold accent wall in your living room or an entirely new color scheme for your bedroom, a little paint can go a long way in helping you feel settled into your new place. The right color scheme can reflect your style and personality, making your place feel more like home in no time.

2. Hang Up Photos and Wall Decor

Adding wall art, framed pictures, and other décor that will liven up your place is essential because bare walls can make it seem cold and lifeless. This will help your house feel more like your own and may bring some familiarity to a space you’re still getting used to.

3. Incorporate Scents You Love

Cozy scents can go a long way in making your house feel more inviting—and there are plenty of great ways to add your favorite scents throughout the house. The possibilities are limitless, from classic candles to room sprays, diffusers, and even wax melters. And if you like floral scents, adding a bouquet of fresh flowers to your main living space can serve a dual purpose!

4. Add Some Greenery

Speaking of floral bouquets, you can never go wrong with adding a little greenery to your new place. Decorating with plants allows you to bring the familiarity of the outdoors into your home while making your space feel more welcoming.

When selecting house plants, just be sure to consider how much natural light and care (such as watering) they’ll need regularly. This way, you can choose plants that suit your needs and lifestyle.

5. Start Making Memories

Above all else, the best way to start feeling at home in your new house is to start making memories there. Invite your new neighbors over for a getting-to-know-you gathering, or hold a housewarming party with some of your closest friends. If you have the space, consider hosting your family for a holiday party or other large gathering this year.

The more you start making happy memories in your new place, the faster it will feel like home.

Need Help With Your Move?

While you can’t expect a new place to feel like home overnight, following these tips will help you get settled in and comfortable in no time.

Are you still looking for some assistance with your upcoming move? A team of professional movers can take a lot of stress and hassle out of the big day. Get in touch to request your free, personalized moving quote today!

Fun Indoor Attractions in Colorado Springs

When the weather is a bit too cold outside, and you seek the comforts of indoor fun, remember, Colorado Springs, CO,  has fun indoor attractions to keep you busy. That’s just one of the reasons why moving to Colorado Springs is a great idea.

Read on to learn about entertaining things to do inside when the weather outside is frightful.

CityRock Climbing Center

Don’t let the temperature keep your feet on the ground. At CityRock Climbing Center, you’ll have your pick of indoor rock climbing activities. Geared toward climbers of all ages and abilities, you can learn to belay or lead, discover slacklining, spend time on a hang board, or take a yoga class. Relax afterward with a massage or Reiki, and grab a drink and a healthy meal at UTE Restaurant.

Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum

Learn about the rich history of the Pikes Peak area at the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum. Set in a historic building in the heart of downtown, this interactive museum offers a glimpse into Colorado Springs’ past and future through the stories of the area’s indigenous peoples, early settlers, and more. Lunch and Learn events bring special guest speakers on diverse topics to the venue, and the lecture series offers ongoing education and inspiration for Colorado Springs residents.

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum

Ready to feel inspired? The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum tells the remarkable stories of top American athletes, making it the perfect catalyst to reach your own goals. It’s also a great destination when the temperatures drop. As one of the country’s most accessible and inclusive museums, there are activities here for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check out the museum’s special event calendar, too.

Cosmo’s Magic Theater

Are you ready to be amazed? Then, you won’t want to miss Cosmo’s Magic Theater. This Colorado Springs attraction features a full schedule of world-class illusionists, live jazz performances, comedy shows, and more. Shows are family-friendly, but evenings are geared more toward an adult audience, while weekend afternoons are more for the younger set. It’s all set in an elegant theater, giving you the perfect excuse to dress up for a night on the town.

Glen Eyrie Castle

On a chilly afternoon, there’s nowhere better to be than cozied up with a pot of tea (or two) with a majestic view of Pikes Peak. For the whole royal experience, head to Glen Eyrie Castle, where you can enjoy a full afternoon tea service in the lovely castle music room. Afterward, take a tour of the castle and be transported back to the 1800s, when Glen Eyrie was home to Colorado Springs founder Brigadier General William Jackson Palmer. Reservations are highly recommended.

The Broadmoor World Arena

Want to watch a hockey game or see Disney on Ice, take in a comedy show, or dance to your favorite band? You’ll find it all at The Broadmoor World Arena. This local destination brings all the big names to Colorado Springs and many local luminaries. Whether you want to see a famous orchestra or learn how to ice skate, you’ll find it in this world-class venue.Are you considering a move to Colorado Springs? Great choice! There’s always much to see, learn, and do, no matter what time of year. We’re here to help with the heavy lifting, so contact us today for a free quote.

Choosing Office Space for Your Business Relocation

The need for more office space indicates that a business is expanding and doing well. Not only do you get to help define your company culture based on the space, but you can better connect with your customers and employees. Choosing new office space for relocation is a big decision, with several complicating factors. Considering the many elements that go into a successful office location will help keep you and your team successful.

Commute Times

The office is a place for employees to gather and function for your business. It only makes sense to consider their concerns and overall quality of life. Before choosing a new office location, consider the average commute times for your employees. Many companies will perform a commuting analysis to determine how beneficial a new office location is for employees. Not only will a short commute time keep current employees happy, but it can be a significant incentive to attract new talent to your business.

Flexible Space

Many businesses use a hybrid business model, blending traditional office space with a work-from-home application. Make sure your new office space has the flexibility to work with the changing flow of employees. Typically, employees seek a large, open workspace with plenty of natural light. Ensure employees can escape for a recharge in private and quiet spaces. Modern office spaces allow collaboration with large desks and a relaxed gathering space.

Lease Flexibility

In the current economic climate, business owners must plan for uncertainty and the unexpected. Even if you run a fantastic business, remember that external circumstances can quickly cause a business to take a right turn. Be sure your office space has a flexible lease option to allow you to break the lease and relocate if necessary.


Consider your overall budget when searching for a new office location. Keep in mind that your budget should include more than just monthly rent. There are often hidden fees associated with large office complexes and buildings. Ask about potential association dues, janitorial service costs, or maintenance fees. Consider the location and how it’ll impact taxes and utilities. For the sake of your employees, ask about the current IT setup and any potential parking fees. These additional costs can quickly add up and put you at or over your maximum budget.


Of course, you want your new office location to have enough room to fit your employees comfortably, but you must also consider auxiliary space. Does your new office location have room for breakout meetings or conference space? An integrated conference room is ideal for employee gatherings and can save money in the long run by hosting meetings and events on-site. Of course, having too much space is also problematic. Paying to power, heat, and cool an unoccupied oversized building is a waste.

Customer Base

Customers are crucial to your business, so you must consider their needs. You’ll want to find an office location close to your customer base. You’ll have more success drawing from your existing customers and potentially expanding your base further if you’re in an easily accessible part of town.

Moving Your Business Simplified

Setting up a new office location is exciting and a sign of growth and success. A moving team helps contribute to your success with a smooth and seamless moving day. Contact our experienced team today for a quote on your next office move.

How to Adapt to Moving Into a Bigger Home

As the saying goes, bigger is often better, and that’s never more true than when searching for a new home. Moving into a larger space is always satisfying, especially if you have outgrown your previous home.

People tend to fill their living spaces with “stuff” they accumulate over time. Also, if you’re used to living in a smaller home, you may need to figure out what to do with so much extra space. Fortunately, these steps can help you adjust seamlessly.

Step One: Start With What You Have

When moving into a larger home, at least initially, one of the biggest shocks can be how much space there is. That said, once you move all your belongings, you must set them in place and live with them for a little while.

What you want to try to avoid is creating unnecessary clutter. Just because the room looks empty doesn’t mean you should spread your stuff out to fill it. Instead, it’s better to keep everything organized and start planning what would make the most sense in those unused spaces.

Step Two: Don’t Rush Into Any New Furniture or Decor

If you have empty rooms in your larger house, you may be tempted to buy furniture or knick-knacks to make the place feel used and lived in. However, before you rush out to the nearest furniture store, it’s best to devise a game plan.

Ideally, you should live with the extra room for a few weeks or months. During that time, you’ll come up with different ideas on how to use the space. Consider elements like which rooms you use the most, how often you host guests, or whether you plan to increase your family size.

Overall, filling in your extra spaces organically over time is better. If you rush into something, you may decide you don’t like it later, and you will replace it.

Step Three: Consider Cleaning and Upkeep

One of the struggles of living in a larger house is that it requires more maintenance and upkeep. Further complicating the problem is if you accumulate a lot of clutter. The more belongings you have, the more dust they collect, and the more time it can take to clean a single room.

So, when learning how to live in a bigger house, start coming up with action plans to stay on top of cleaning. Unfortunately, falling behind doesn’t take much, so this step requires extra diligence and perseverance. However, you can utilize technology to make the process easier. For example, a robot vacuum and air purifier can help care for dust and light messes, allowing you to focus on deep cleaning every other month or so.

Step Four: Think About Long-Term Goals

As we mentioned, one of the best ways to determine how to use an empty space is to think long-term. Are you trying to have more kids? If so, will they each have their own room? What about hosting guests and family members?

If you have a few extra rooms, consider whether you want to work from home in a dedicated office space. Similarly, you could focus on your fitness goals by setting up a home gym. Also, remember that you can wait to furnish these spaces. For example, with a home gym, you may start with a treadmill and slowly add more items over time.

Get Help For Moving Into a Larger House

Moving into a bigger home is exciting, and we want to help you transition as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We know you can’t wait to start this next chapter of your life, so let us take care of the hard work for you! Contact us today.

Winter Events in San Antonio, TX

Are you relocating in the San Antonio, TX, area this winter? There’s so much to see and do in this Texas city, and the winter season is no exception. From holiday festivals to cultural events, here are a few events in San Antonio, TX, that you won’t want to miss.

WinterFest San Antonio

Let’s face it: Snow is rare in San Antonio, TX. Luckily, Winterfest brings the snow to town—50,000 pounds of it, to be exact. This annual festival offers snowy fun for the whole family, with a carnival, holiday market, musical performances, refreshments, pictures with Santa, and, of course, lots of snow play. Tickets are required for this festive event.

Holiday Boat Caroling

Holiday music is joyful; you won’t want to miss the Ford Holiday Boat Caroling at Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, TX. This nightly event is a great way to ring in the holiday season with family and friends (and make some new ones, too). Of course, you can simply enjoy the singing from shore, too.

Lightscape at San Antonio Botanical Garden

While the San Antonio Botanical Garden is beautiful year-round, it’s incredibly stunning on winter nights. That’s when Lightscape transforms the grounds into a sparkling wonderland with more than one million lights. Follow the one-mile path as it winds through an illuminated fairyscape. This special event runs through January.

Holiday in the Park: Six Flags Fiesta

Are you in the mood for some excitement? Get your kicks at Six Flags Fiesta Holiday in the Park. This annual event transforms the (already thrilling) theme park into a winter-themed park. You’ll enjoy musical entertainment, special Santa appearances, and tree-lighting ceremonies complete with “snow.” Holiday shows, treats, and rides round out the fun. It’s all lit by millions of twinkling lights to help you get in a festive spirit.

Rotary Ice Rink at Travis Park

Nothing says winter quite like ice skating. Starting in November, you can skate to your heart’s content at the Rotary Ice Rink at Travis Park. Time your visit to coincide with the park’s special events, such as Military Appreciation Night, Snow Night, Food Truck Night, or Storytime with Santa. Advance ticket purchase is recommended at this popular attraction.

Fiesta de Las Luminarias

On weekends through December, head to San Antonio’s Riverwalk for an unforgettable experience: The Fiesta de Las Luminarias. Stroll along the river, with pathways lit by thousands of luminarias. These traditional Mexican holiday lanterns emit a warm, candle-lit glow that takes any chill from the air. This free event starts at dusk.

If you’re considering moving to San Antonio, Texas, you’ve made a great choice. No matter what time of year, there’s always something going on.

When it’s time to start planning your move, contact us. Our team of professional movers will help you have a smooth, stress-free move.

Cozy Pubs in Colorado Springs, CO

When the temperatures drop, and the snow falls, there’s no better place to be than settled in a cozy pub. If you plan on moving to Colorado Springs, CO, there are plenty of great options to warm up those winter evenings.

Whether you’ve spent the day skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing — or simply are craving a warm, friendly place to relax — these comfortable Colorado Springs pubs fit the bill.

Golden Bee Gastropub at The Broadmoor

Travel back in time at the Golden Bee Gastropub for a taste of historic British charm. This authentic English pub was transported from England to The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs over 60 years ago. Settle in at a table or the bar surrounded by warm wood paneling and enjoy some famous UK hospitality. Here, you’ll find a full menu of beer choices and pub fare, such as pastrami sandwiches and fish and chips.

Hatch Cover Bar and Grill

Head to a local favorite to get cozy by the fire and play a few rounds of darts or pool. The Hatch Cover Bar and Grill offers a respite from the cold, with TVs playing the big games, poker tables, and even karaoke. There’s a full menu if you’re in the mood for lunch or dinner and a regular schedule of fun bar games like bingo and trivia night in an informal neighborhood atmosphere.

Upstairs Wine Bar

Despite its name, the Upstairs Wine Bar also offers many imported beers and spirits. Relax by the fire and taste wines from around the globe at this upscale yet casual destination. Choose from several shared plates and desserts featuring seasonal ingredients, or pair your drink with a freshly baked baguette from the bakery downstairs.

Colorado Mountain Brewery

For a truly local taste, head to Colorado Mountain Brewery. With two locations in Colorado Springs, this welcoming spot lets you choose craft brews made on-site, featuring seasonal flavors. Order a burger off the full menu and grab a seat by the fire for the whole experience. Stop by early to take advantage of daily happy hour specials.

Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

Catch a taste of Ireland when you grab a pint at Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub. Located in a historic building that dates back to the 1800s, you’ll feel right at home in the original brick, wood, and stained glass decor that was lovingly restored by authentic UK craftspeople. Jack Quinn’s offers daily drink specials, and the staff is happy to suggest food and drink pairings from the extensive menu of Colorado-produced brews. There’s live entertainment almost every night at this lively pub.

Get Acquainted with Your New Home

You will discover your new favorite pub in Colorado Springs with a warm atmosphere, excellent brews, and mouthwatering food, so settle in by the fireplace and take in your new neighborhood!

And when you need help planning or executing your move to Colorado Springs, Arrow Moving & Storage is here to help. We’ll make your move smooth and stress-free from start to finish. Contact us today to learn about our professional moving services in the Colorado Springs area.

8 Tips for Moving to a Building without an Elevator

It’s hard to overstate how valuable elevators are in modern life. Not only do they allow us to access tall buildings, but they make moving so much easier. So, if you’re moving into an apartment building without an elevator, you must adapt accordingly. Another consideration is that some elevators may not be operational on moving days or are too small to accommodate large pieces of furniture.

Regardless of the circumstances, here are some top tips on managing when moving into an upstairs location without elevator access.

1. Measure All Large Items

Moving heavy furniture like a couch or table up the stairs can quickly become tricky if you jam it into a narrow space. In such a scenario, you might have to resort to destructive measures like breaking the furniture to remove it.

To avoid this, measure your larger items (like a couch) and the stairwell. As long as the piece isn’t too wide or cumbersome, you should be able to wiggle it around and make it work.

2. Disassemble Everything You Can

Sometimes, you can take apart furniture before moving it. While this process can be time-consuming, it will make moving much more manageable. While items like couches and chairs can’t be broken down (without significant challenges), certain tables, dressers, and other pieces can. Just make sure to keep any accessories with the piece so they don’t get separated (i.e., screws and bolts).

3. Consider Shedding Bulky Furniture

If you’re moving without a working elevator, you may have to make some hard choices. Is it better to keep your existing furniture or downsize to something small and compact? You don’t want to take this decision lightly, but consider how easy it will be to move in and out of your new home.

4. Use Dollies and Hand Trucks As Appropriate

A dolly is a flat piece with wheels, while a hand truck has a tall handle for grabbing. A hand truck can often navigate each step easily when carrying items up a flight of stairs, while a dolly cannot. That said, dollies can make moving heavy items through hallways easier so you don’t overexert yourself.

Also, remember that you should strap your belongings to a hand truck so they don’t fall off accidentally.

5. Start With Heavier Items

Depending on how much stuff you’re moving, you want to be strategic with how you use your time and energy. At the beginning of the move, you’ll be able to handle heavy belongings more easily. If you wait until the end of the day, you’ll be tired and sore, and moving a heavy piece may seem impossible.

6. Use Bumper Pads to Protect Walls

Bumper pads are thin, padded sheets that you can place on the corners of furniture to protect it from dings and scratches. They are also helpful in preventing wall damage from heavy furniture.

7. Get Lots of Help

Ideally, you can have three or four people helping you with moving items up and down the stairs. This way, individuals can take breaks without disrupting the flow of the move. Also, having more people makes it easier to block off stairwells, doorways, and hallways when moving items through the building.

8. Utilize Full-Service Movers

Professional moving experts are always the best to ask for advice when moving large furniture. Hire a professional mover if you need serious assistance. They have the experience and know how to handle various, unique moving situations.

Let Us Lighten Your Moving Load!

If you want to avoid moving your belongings yourself, let our professional movers handle the stress for you. Not only do we have a vast amount of experience moving items, but we also know what to anticipate and can plan accordingly. In most cases, hiring movers is significantly more convenient and stress-free, so contact us immediately for a free estimate!

Best Fall Hikes in Colorado Springs, CO

You are in luck if you are considering relocating to Colorado Springs, CO! No matter the season, this mountain city is one of the best places to reconnect with nature. You can hike in the Pikes Peak region even when the temperature drops. Here’s a list of five favorite hikes to explore in fall and winter.

1. Aiken Canyon Loop Trail

Nestled in the foothills of the Front Range, the Aiken Canyon Preserve tends to get less snow than the nearby mountains. But even when the ground is white, the Aiken Canyon Loop Trail offers a scenic route. The trail is less than 4 miles long and is considered relatively simple. For more of a challenge and to reach the scenic overlook, add the .5-mile spur trail.

2. Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods may be a city park, but its rock formations make it a unique destination — and the perfect place for a scenic fall or winter hike. Trail choices that look especially lovely with some snowfall include the Perkins Central Garden Trail, an easy 1.5-mile loop with minimal elevation gain. The Siamese Twins Trail offers a bit more climb, with just under 150 feet of elevation gain and a fantastic view of Pikes Peak. For a longer hike, try the 2.5 Gateway & Central Garden Trail.

3. Dawson Butte

Open (and popular) year-round, Dawson Butte Open Space and Trail offers 5.1 miles to explore. The trail curves through meadows and woodlands, so you’ll experience a range of ecosystems along the way. Leashed dogs are welcome, and you’ll likely encounter mountain bikers in the fall and snow-shoers in the winter. The trail difficulty is rated “moderate,” with over 400 feet of elevation gain. Experts recommend heading clockwise on this loop trail, starting in scrubby areas before traversing tall conifers and flat meadows with amazing views.

4. Fox Run Loop Trail

The Fox Run Loop Trail runs for just over 3 miles, with an elevation gain of 420 feet. This popular trail has great Pikes Peak views you’ll glimpse as you wind in and out of the trees. Keep your eyes open for local birds and wildlife. While it’s considered an easy trail, remember that the Black Forest does get a lot of snow. If you hike this trail from October to May, make appropriate preparations.

5. Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

A great place to visit in the fall is the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. A sizable portion of fossil beds known for their insect and plant-related fossils are protected by the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. You’ll find several easy-to-moderate trails within the monument. Especially popular is the 3-mile Boulder Creek Loop Trail, which offers a fantastic view of Pikes Peak and the Petrified Forest Loop. This 1.1-mile trail, rated as easy, winds through the ancient lake bed through the fossilized redwoods for a unique hiking experience.

Colorado Springs, CO, Relocation

If a move in Colorado Springs, CO, is in your future, let Arrow Moving & Storage do the hard work. Our professional moving team is here to help you navigate your Colorado Springs move from start to finish. Contact us today to learn how we can help.