Keep or Toss? 6 Things to Discard When You Move

Moving can be stressful, scary, and a hassle. But you can make it easier by getting rid of clutter as you pack up your belongings.

So what things should you not pack up with you? We have a list of six things you should get rid of when you move.

1. Papers

We tend to hold on to paper for way too long. Toss old receipts and shred personal documents older than seven years.

Get rid of magazines, instruction manuals, old coupons, and other paper products. Some of them just seem to appear, so get rid of them.

If there’s something you want to hold on to, consider taking a picture of it instead. This is especially useful for recipes. This way, you still have a copy, but you don’t have the clutter.

2. Clothes

Does it fit properly? Does it match anything else in your closet? Do you feel good wearing it? Does it have holes, rips, or stains? When was the last time you wore it?

You shouldn’t discard your entire closet. But moving is a great time to purge your wardrobe.

When you sort through your clothes, consider the questions above. If it’s a piece you love and use, keep it. If not, donate it.

3. Bathroom and Cleaning Supplies

Our bathrooms are hoarding spots for barely useful supplies. When you’re moving, it’s time for a clean start. So, start by getting rid of all your unused and expired products.

Discard the bottle that only has a small bit of lotion left. The makeup that expired six months ago – toss it.

4. E-Waste

Do you have old phones, TVs, laptops, and speakers? What about that random box of cords in the drawer?

Go through all your old electronics and recycle them. E-waste has a substantial impact on the environment. So dispose of your electronics responsibly.

5. Bad Memories

Do you still have remnants of a broken relationship lying around your home? What about gifts you hate but you’re holding onto out of guilt?

Sort through your clutter. If it doesn’t make you happy, let it go. Your new home should be a place where you can create new, happy memories.

6. Anything Damaged or Broken

If you can fix it right now, go ahead. If not, it’s time to get rid of it. Taking damaged and broken things with you isn’t practical for a move.

Don’t move into your new home with a pile of projects. Start a clean slate. It’s time to move on.

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Get Rid of These 6 Things Each Time You Move

Get rid of clutter, things with bad memories, and more when you move. Doing so makes it easier to start over in a new place. And it makes your move easier too. You can make it easier on your movers by doing these six things

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