Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up Utilities for a New House

You’ve signed the contracts, you’ve planned how to use each room, and you’re looking forward to moving into your new home. If you miss one of the many details that moving requires, it will put a serious damper on the fun.

It might not be as exciting as choosing paint colors, but setting up utilities for a new house is an essential step. Where do you start and what do you need to know?

Here’s your handy guide.

Setting Up Utilities for a New House

The last thing you want to do is forget about your utilities and show up to a new home with no power. Here are the primary services you need to consider.

Gas and Electric

Depending on your home’s power source, you’ll need to set up your gas, electric, or both. Ask your property manager or real estate agent who the providers are for your new house.

If you’ve never had an account with this particular provider before, they may request a utility deposit. The deposit is usually a few hundred dollars that they retain as good faith money. They credit it to your bill after a set number of months.

You may be able to avoid a deposit by getting a letter of good standing from your previous power company. This process can take time, though.

Start the process of setting up your power a few weeks before your local or long-distance move, so you have time to complete all these steps.

Water and Sewer

Your new home’s city will most likely handle the water and sewer. Call them a month before your move to set up your account because it’s not always a quick process.

If your new home is an apartment or townhome, you also need to find out how the water is metered. Does each unit have a separate meter or do they add the whole building’s water together and divide it among the units?

Cable and Internet

While most utilities can be hooked up with a quick phone call, your cable and internet may be a different story. You’re likely to need an installation appointment. To make sure you can get the time frame you need, call about a month in advance.

Keep in mind that you probably only have one or two options for cable and internet providers. Your real estate agent or property manager will be able to tell you what they are.

Trash Pick-Up

Depending on your new home, your trash and recycling pick-up may be the apartment complex or homeowners association’s responsibility.

In other cases, your city or village works with a waste management company to collect trash and recyclables. Contact your city hall to find out if your city handles this arrangement.

Other times it’s your responsibility to subscribe to a local refuse service. If that’s true for your home, it’s a good idea to ask your real estate agent who the primary providers are. You may be able to call around for price comparison.

Getting Your New Home Ready

As excited as you are for your new home, it won’t be nearly as thrilling if it doesn’t have power, running water, or entertainment available. Use the list above for setting up utilities for a new house, so you have everything ready in advance.

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