Household Move Plan: Don’t Forget These Essential To-Do’s

A household move has a lot of moving pieces. With the process so fluid, it’s easy to forget something important you need to do.

Some clear organization among the mess and the stress can help keep you on track.

Pull out your checklist and get ready to add these essential tasks to help make your move a success.

Take Photos of Electronic Setups

Right now, the cord configuration on the back of your TV and electronics seems straightforward. Wait until you go to take it out of the box in your new home, and you can’t remember how it was set up.

To avoid this frustration, snap a few photos of the setup with your phone before you disassemble everything. Keep the cords together in labeled Ziploc bags. When you arrive at your new home to set up, refer to the photos for a refresher on how to reassemble your electronics and cords. 

Note Your Change of Address

Don’t wait until the last minute to notify people about your new address. Plan ahead so that you don’t forget.

Register your new home address with the post office. Then make sure you notify your contact directly. Remember to reach out to your bank, insurance companies, credit card companies, and others about your move.

Collect Personal Documents

If you’re moving to a new town, you might be busy securing a reliable moving company, and packing, but don’t forget to obtain your personal documents before you leave. Make sure to collect your medical records, prescription information, veterinarian records, and your children’s school records.

Personal records are essential to take with you. 

Cancel Recurring Memberships and Fees

Notify your local gym, and any other place you may be a member to tell them about your upcoming move. Cancel what you can so that you don’t have to pay membership fees for services you won’t be using.

You might be able to transfer some memberships, so check to see if that fits with your plans.

Don’t forget to transfer any magazine or other subscription services to your new address.

Pack an Essentials Box

Nothing is more aggravating than arriving at your new home and not having the necessary things at your fingertips. Those essential items are spread out throughout numerous boxes yet to be opened.

Do yourself a favor and pack an essentials box. Make a note of all the items you use daily. Include things like toilet paper, soap, towels, toothbrushes, and charging cords. Accessing these items from a central point in one box will save you time and frustration.

Label Every Box

In your hurry to organize and pack up, remember to label all your boxes. Placing labels and identifying each box helps the movers and you when you go to unpack.

Label all of your boxes clearly on each side. Indicate what room each box should go in as well as the contents of each. This will make organizing at the other end much easier.

Add These to Your List

A household move should be an exciting adventure for you and your family. Maintaining a complete to-list will help keep stress levels down and help your move go smoothly. So make sure to add these things you list.

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