7 Important Questions to Ask Moving Companies Before Hiring One

If you’ve decided to hire the expertise of professional movers, how do you know you can trust them with all your worldly possessions? 

The key is to do your research beforehand, as with any significant life decision. Here are some questions to ask moving companies before you hire them.

Questions to Ask Moving Companies

1. How Long Have You Been in Business? 

Just because a moving business has a long business history doesn’t always mean their services are superior. But generally, the longer a company has been in operation, the more experience they have in different types of home moves. The only way to gauge this is through a proven track record of success and satisfaction. Don’t be shy to ask for references so you can research their track record.

2. What Company Licenses Do You Hold?

Confirm that the moving company has the proper licensing.

Federal law mandates that professional moving companies that work across state lines be licensed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Interstate movers should provide a copy of their federal tariff if you request it.

In addition, check with the FMCSA to see if that particular moving company is up-to-date with their operating license.

3. Is Your Business Fully Equipped? 

Make sure that the moving company you’re considering has all the necessary equipment for the job. This includes the right size moving truck(s), hoisting equipment, moving dollies, etc. Ideally, they should also have an inventory of specialist moving tools for specific items.  

4. What Are Your Rates?

A quality moving company will provide you with a quote for your move, and discuss any add-ons with you. The last thing you want is to learn that there were hidden fees connected with your move.

5. What Do You Charge for ”Extra” Services?

Extra services may include things like packing services, flight charges, long-haul transport fees, shuttle services, and storage-in-transit — not-to-mention fuel charges, fees for the disassembly, and assembling of furniture, handling special objects, etc.

Do a thorough check of what the company considers ”extra” services and how you’ll be charged. 

6. How Do You Prevent Damage to My Belongings? 

Preventing damage to your household goods should be a top priority for professional movers. So, how do they accomplish this?

Ask about preventative measures; how do they protect furniture and fragile items? To add to this, how do they protect both your new home and old home from damage? This includes areas such as the walls, skirting, railings, floors, and door frames. Do your research on all their preventative measures. 

7. Can You Provide References?

Ask your prospective moving company for references from residential moves like your own.

Also, do your own research and check Google, the Better Business Bureau, and Angie’s List to find a variety of reviews to provide you with a true impression of their business practices.

Looking For Reliable Movers? 

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