Weekday vs. Weekend: When Is the Best Time to Move?

Are you planning to move and wondering when would be the best time? There are different factors to consider before planning what day of the week you will schedule your move. 

Keep reading for a breakdown of the pros and cons of moving on specific days so that you can figure out when is the best time to move for you. 

Benefits of a Weekend Move 

Weekend moves tend to be the most obvious choice. It can often be more convenient to organize if you work on the weekdays. Moving on the weekend will help you to avoid needing to take time off from work. 

By making your move on a weekend, you don’t have the stress of the move plus worrying about falling behind at work or upsetting your boss. If you want to save your vacation time for an actual vacation, a weekend move may be best. Don’t take an unpaid day of leave during this time if you’re stressed with your move financially. 

This will also be a more convenient day for people who can assist you with your move. More of your friends and family will likely be off work to offer a helping hand on the weekend.  Others can help with tasks like packing, cleaning, or taking care of your kids or pets on move-in day. 

Weekend moves will also allow you to unpack and settle into your new home, especially if you decide to move on a Saturday morning. You can return to work refreshed and rested after your big move. 

Benefits of a Weekday Move 

While weekend moves are the more popular choice, there are also some advantages to moving on a weekday. If you have certain weekdays off or can take time off with no problem, this may be an excellent option. 

If you’re moving into a busy neighborhood or apartment complex, moving on the weekday may allow you more privacy and mobility. With more people at work, there will be more room for parking for both you and your movers. With emptier halls, elevators, and stairs, the weekday can be easier for those moving into an apartment. 

During peak times like weekends, professional packers and moving companies tend to charge higher rates because those days are more in demand. On weekdays, moving companies are generally less, so a weekday move might save you some money with more cost-effective rates.

If you have kids, moving on a weekday can allow you to move while they’re at school, if you are staying local. Moving can be more difficult when you have to keep an eye on your kids and keep them out of your moving team’s way. 

When Is the Best Time to Move?

Consider your own needs, what kind of home you are moving into, and your personal obligations and responsibilities. The best moving day can differ for everyone, so make sure you take your schedule and lifestyle into account to find the best moving day for you. 

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