Remember to Change Your Address at These Important Spots

Remember to Change Your Address at These Important Spots

Every single year, the U.S Postal Services has to handle millions of items that were returned. Most of which will never find their intended recipients. 

Making sure you remember to update your address is an often overlooked aspect of moving. That’s why we put together a list of the most important places and organizations you need to change your address.

Required Updates

There are some places for which changing your address is legally required.

For instance, you’ll need to replace your driver’s license with that of your new state’s (if you’re moving out of state, of course). 

You’re responsible for notifying companies that send you bills through the mail. Bills won’t just disappear even if you don’t live there anymore. You’ll be held liable for legal notices, bills, or anything important that you miss.

IRS and State Tax Agencies

You’ll also need to update your address with the IRS and any state tax agencies in which you reside. You can find info on how to go about this on their websites.

Even though many people pay their taxes online and receive refunds through direct deposits, you’re still required to notify them of the change. Again, you’ll be responsible for any correspondence that you miss.

Social Security Administration

Another important agency to notify is the Social Security Administration. Many people move when they retire and if you’re receiving social security benefits, you’ll definitely want to make certain they know your new whereabouts.

This also applies to Medicare/Medicaid recipients as well as veterans and the VA.

Banks and Credit Cards

Be sure to let your bank know you’re moving as well. You won’t want to miss any incoming mail from them, nor allow the new occupants access to your financial information. You can usually do this on the bank’s website or a simple phone call.

Credit cards are equally as important to update, especially if you pay your bills through the mail.

TSA Precheck, Global Entry, and Related Programs

If you’re apart of programs such as TSA Precheck or Global Entry, these are important ones to update if you’re traveling anytime soon. Because these programs serve to reduce security risks, you’ll want to let them know ahead of time so there are no discrepancies at the border or security line.

Subscriptions and E-Commerce

If you receive subscription services such as magazines or newspapers, you should call them up or use their websites and notify them of the change. Although the new occupants may appreciate some free reading.

But online shopping sites such as Amazon should be updated too. Obviously, you don’t want your orders showing up on your old doorstep. 

Don’t Put it off Until the Last Minute

Moving is a stressful event and planning ahead is a crucial part of keeping anxiety to a minimum. Once you know where and when you’ll be moving, be sure to notify all the necessary agencies and organizations of your new whereabouts.

And if you need a reliable moving company to help you on your move, we’re the ones to call. Contact us for a free move quote today!