Preparing for a Stressful Move: 6 Tips for Making it Go as Smoothly as Possible

It’s a well-known fact that moving is a stressful endeavor, so it’s no wonder that Americans are relocating less.  

What statistics don’t tell you is that there are several ways to make moving more manageable. Over the years, people have come up with some pretty handy ways to take the strain out of relocation. 

Here are some of the best.

1. Make Lists

Love them or hate them, lists make your life easier whenever you’re planning a big relocation. By definition, planning eliminates the last-minute panic that comes from overlooking vital elements of your move.

As soon as you’ve made up your mind to relocate, grab a pen and notebook, and start making lists. 

Use a timeline, a week-by-week moving checklist, of all you need to accomplish between now and your move day. A detailed checklist will help keep you on track and help you avoid missing anything important.

Make sure your lists include everything from buying your packing supplies to filling out your change of address paperwork.

2. Prepare the Kids

If you’re moving with children, tell them about the move as soon as you can. Getting them involved in the planning can help them to cope better. Apply for new schools as soon as possible. 

3. De-Clutter Early

Moving is an excellent time to get rid of unwanted items. Get an early start so that you don’t end up with a load of unwanted goods and nowhere to take them.

You may have items that your movers are not allowed to transport, like open tins of paint, pesticides, or household chemicals. Dispose of these hazardous household items early to avoid last-minute panic.

To ease the sting of breaking your hoarding habit, donate your unwanted items to charity. 

4. Pack Wisely

When you have time on your hands, packing is a breeze. Pack room by room and clearly label every box on each side. Include a list of contents on each box. 

You’ll be glad you paid attention to these details when you arrive at your new home.

Ask your moving company to place each box in the relevant room when they unload the truck. 

5. Avoid First-Night Panic

Keep one box aside for the last few items that you need to keep using right up until the last minute on moving day. It’s bound to be the first box you’ll need upon arrival at your new home.

Pack a survival kit for your first night. This should include a change of clothing, toiletries, some snacks, and water. If you’re moving with pets, don’t forget to include their bowls, leashes, and a meal for their first evening. 

6. Choose Reputable Movers

Your choice of movers will make or break your mood on moving day. 

Do your research beforehand. You want to hire a well-established, accredited firm with a proven track record. Look up reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations too. 

Smooth Move

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