New in Town? 5 Tips to Help You Get Adjusted to a New Neighborhood

No matter how well you plan your move and how effortlessly you pull it off, moving to a new city or town is fraught with uncertainties.

Whether you’re starting a new career in a new town, or you’ve undergone a work transfer, it’s difficult to take things in your stride when you’re new in town.

Here are our best tips for settling in as soon as possible. 

1. First Steps When You’re New in Town

Before you even think about adjusting emotionally and socially, there are a few housekeeping items you should get out of the way first.

As soon as you can, take a drive around your neighborhood, to make sure you know where the following things are:

  • emergency medical care
  • grocery stores
  • a pharmacy
  • gas station

While you’re at it, update your address book with important numbers. For example, you’ll want contact details for a plumber, an electrician, and other key contractors.

The Better Business Bureau is an excellent spot to find reviews on reputable local businesses. 

2. Say Yes to Social Interactions

No matter how awkward you feel at first, don’t turn down invitations from co-workers and neighbors. How else are you going to make new friends?

When you do get out, be approachable and talk to as many people as you can. Your new best friend could be right under your nose.

3. Give Yourself Time

It’s normal to feel totally out of your depth in new surroundings. Don’t fret if you get lost umpteen times and can never seem to find the fastest bus route. 

There is no way you can plan ahead for every eventuality. You’ll find a jogging route you love, a welcoming coffee shop, and the best take out options over time.

Some people adjust to life in a new place almost immediately; others take years. Be kind to yourself; you’ll get there.

4. Get Involved

Keep tabs on community notice boards, Facebook pages, and attend local events. 

Not only will you get to meet more local people, but they’ll also perceive you as the kind of person who’s interested and involved in their surroundings. Supporting local initiatives is the fastest way to immerse yourself in a community. 

If you’re moving with children, school activities are an excellent ice-breaker for meeting other parents in the community. 

5. Be Positive

Accept that you’re bound to feel overwhelmingly homesick at first. Remember, you moved for a good reason. Focus on the positive aspects of moving to a new city. 

Make a point of seeking out the things you love, meet new people, and feel more at home. Look for clubs that center around your interests, join the local gym, and attend hobby fairs.

It’s easier to feel more comfortable when you’re taking part in familiar activities. You’re also more likely to bump into someone with similar interests. 

Keep Moving

Take it one day at a time, and before too long you’ll be the one offering help and advice to someone else who’s new in town.

Keep reading our blog for more helpful tips on everything related to relocation and get in touch for help with your next big move.