Got Movers? The 6 Things You Can Do To Help Movers on Moving Day

Moving can be a stressful process. Without the proper plan in place, it’s almost always a recipe for disaster. However, if you’ve decided to hire professional movers, there are a few things you can do to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

If you’ve got movers, read on to explore six helpful things you can do to help the movers on moving day. 

1. Pack Ahead of Time

To ensure your movers work as efficiently as possible, have everything packed before the movers arrive.

Packing early allows for the movers to be in and out, and it also helps you keep everything accounted for during the moving process. Packing last minute may mean accidentally leaving essential items behind or creating added stress on your big day.

2. Organize Your Boxes

Label each box as you pack it. Every box should have a list of its contents and a designated spot in your new home. 

Make sure that the writing is large, legible, and in permanent marker — label at least two sides of the box as well as the top.

Consider using a color-coded label system to indicate the room to which it should go in the new house. Then make sure you have the color codes available for the movers at the new house, so they know which rooms to place the boxes.

Also, mark “Fragile” and “This End Up” as needed on those boxes so that the movers will know to take extra care when handling those.

3. Stay Close on Moving Day

Often times movers need to consult with the clients during the move. They might have a question that only you as the homeowner can answer, so stay close by and accessible.

4. Keep Pets and Children Clear

Safety is essential during the moving process. Sometimes young kids and pets can quickly get in the way, so movers recommend keeping them in a safe room out of the way or better yet at a sitter’s home. 

5. Arrange Proper Parking

Depending on your location, parking can be a hassle, not only for you but also your neighbors, movers, and oncoming traffic. It’s best to devise a plan to maximize parking room to ensure everyone is happy.

Most moving companies will reach out ahead of time to discuss parking details. If necessary, let your neighbors know what time the moving truck is coming and ask them if they can park their cars accordingly. If you don’t have your own driveway and need extra space, be sure to speak with your neighbors or acquire a special parking permit from the necessary parties.

6. Remove Obstructions

Make moving day safer for your movers by removing obstructions from their path.

Remove any doormats as well other rugs and floor mats. Your movers will provide their own non-slip floor covering to protect the floors.

Make sure walkways, driveway, and front porch are clear of potted plants, hanging plants, and windchimes.

Now That You’ve Got Movers, It’s Time to Relax 

You’ve done everything right — you’ve hired an expert moving company, you’ve packed and labeled everything accordingly, you let the neighbors know you need some extra parking room for the day. Now it’s time to relax and let the professionals get to work.

Professional movers are just that, professionals. So it’s always best to let them do what they do best on moving day. We know it’s difficult sometimes to let go of the reigns, but a professional moving company is uniquely skilled to ensure your moving process is efficient, quick, and easy.

Keep Moving Day Simple

Now that you know what to do to ensure everything runs smoothly on moving day, it’s time to put your plan in motion. If you’ve got movers and want to explore some more moving day tips, be sure to check out our blog for more tips and tricks.

If you’re searching for professional movers in your area, contact us for a free quote today.