Moving After Injury or Illness

When you plan to move, you know there might be a lot of activity going on. And sometimes, you can’t be the one doing the activity.

If you’re moving after an injury or a severe illness, you need to take extra care of yourself throughout the process. These tips can help make it easier.

Create Reasonable Limits

Moving tends to make a lot of people very ambitious. That’s especially true during packing and the last few days before the move.

More than anyone else, you need to set reasonable limits that you can follow. You won’t help anyone if you injure yourself or relapse into a worse illness by overdoing it.

Instead, start slow and get a sense of the amount of packing or sorting you can manage. Feel free to scale back if you need to. You’ll still get there if you can keep at it each day.

Set Boundaries With Family and Friends

Family members and friends can be excellent sources of encouragement. But, unfortunately, sometimes that isn’t what you need.

If you live with someone or see them all the time, they might not recognize your limitations. As a result, they may push you beyond your reasonable limits.

That’s great when you’re trying to get a better time on a hiking routine, but not after injury or illness. Learn how to set boundaries and stick to your goals. You’ll be able to protect your energy and strength that way.

Prepare for Your New Home

Moving to a new home when you have a few different requirements is a little more challenging. So first, make a list of things you’ll need. You might even prioritize them into categories of things you can’t do without and things that would work better for you.

For example, you might need a conditioned space with a particular temperature or close access to a bathroom. In addition, you might need a place to store medications you take throughout the day. This area becomes your safe space in the new home.

If you have a rough layout of your safe space, you can plan to outfit it with everything you need. That way, you can arrive at a great place to rest.

Take Extra Time

If you usually push through tasks with boundless energy, it may not be surprising that they take more time now. You’ll be glad you took it.

Packing slowly and carefully makes it easier to avoid injury while moving. That’s even more important when you’re already dealing with illness or injury.

Start your task at a good time when you have good pain management. Take breaks and back off if you start to feel sick or very sore.

Hire Help

Hiring professional movers might be the best solution to a better moving experience. Movers can’t tell you what to keep while you sort, but they can pack it for you. They can also load it, transport it and unload it. Full-service movers can even unpack for you.

People don’t just hire these services because they’re too busy. They do it for convenience, to protect themselves, and to ensure it happens on time. You can, too.

If you’re getting ready to move after injury or illness, you deserve extra care. Call us to find out how we can make your moving experience less stressful.