How to Prepare an Essentials Kit for a Long-Distance Move

Moving day is one that’s filled with excitement and a bit of dread. You’ve probably been working on a lengthy to-do list for weeks or months leading to your move. Our moving experts emphasize the importance of remembering an essentials kit for your next move.

A long-distance move may involve several days on the road. That makes the essentials kit even more important.

The following guide will help you create the perfect essentials kit for a long-distance move.

What Is an Essentials Kit?

An essentials kit is also known as a “survival box.” It includes the items needed to remain comfortable throughout the move, even if you’ll be traveling for several days.¬†

A complete essentials kit probably won’t fit in a single box, as families with pets and kids will need more items. However, the essentials kit, no matter how large, should always be easy to access.

Essentials Kit Checklist

A perfect moving essentials kit includes everything you need and a few additional items you hopefully don’t need, like first-aid supplies.


Pack basic toiletries for each family member.

  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Soaps
  • Contact supplies
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hairbrush and comb
  • Medications
  • Toilet paper

Food and Kitchen Items

You will want some quick easy to access food items on your moving adventure. Add these to your list to pack:

  • Snacks like granola bars, beef jerky, trail mix
  • Non-perishable meals
  • Water and drinks
  • Disposable plates and utensils
  • Paper towels

Electronics and Games

Phones and laptops should always be stored safely and easy to access along with their chargers. In addition, tablets and other entertainment items for kids can be essential for long-distance moves.


Pack a change of clothing for each family member for each day you’ll be traveling. This should include pajamas, warm clothing, and even bathing suits if you’ll be stopping at a hotel with a pool.¬†

Pet Items

Anyone traveling with pets will need enough pet food, water, treats, and toys to keep pets safe and comfortable on the journey. Remember the waste bags too for easy clean-up.

Kids’ Kits

Each kid should be prepared with their own essentials kit. If the child is old enough, pack their stuff in their own backpack. Include electronics and games, clothing, snacks, and toiletries. Properly preparing kids’ essentials kits can save you from major headaches on the journey.¬†


Moving day is a time to ensure all of your family’s important documents are in one place. Important documents may include the following plus any others that may be specific to your family or home.

  • passports
  • birth certificates
  • social security cards
  • titles
  • registrations¬†
  • important financial documents
  • moving company contract

A Pen and Paper

While old-school, pen and paper can be especially handy when moving long-distance. You may need to write down directions, contact info, or other essential information while on the go.

We’ll Take Care of the Rest

Make moving a fun adventure. You take care of preparing your essentials kits, and our expert movers will handle the rest.

We’re professionals at making every part of your next move as stress-free as possible, from packing and loading to unloading and unpacking at your destination. Contact us for a free quote today.