Easing the Transition: Moving Schools Mid-Year

Easing the Transition: Moving Schools Mid-Year

With nearly 40 million Americans moving every year, many families can’t avoid moving during the school year. Although you may not want to mid-school year, there are steps you can take to ease the transition.

We put together a list of helpful tips to aid the process of transferring school during the school year.

Planning is Everything

For families, a big part of the moving process involves researching the local school districts in the area. Finding out exactly which schools your kids will be attending is the first step.

Once you know which schools serve your area, give them a call and ask them for instructions and advice on paperwork and the transferring process. Schools deal with many cases like this every year so they should be happy to help you out.

Here is a brief checklist of the process:

  • Inform the school and let them know the dates they’ll begin classes.
  • Handle the paperwork before the move itself.
  • Request all the necessary records from the old school.
  • Ensure your children’s physicals and immunizations are up to date.
  • While you’re packing up, make sure to find important documents and keep them handy during the process; don’t lose track of them in the chaos of moving.

Involve Them in the Process

One of the best ways to ease the transition is to be open with them and let them in on the process. Let them know when you’re moving, when they’ll be starting school, what you know about the school and their future teachers.

If you’re able, take them on a visit to the school before they start. Or if you aren’t able to, let them see pictures or videos of it online.

Be sure they keep up with their studies during a move. They’ll likely miss a few days or weeks of school during the move. Talk to their new teachers about the curriculum and what you can do to help them into the new subjects.

Do your best to empathize with them. Kids will all handle a move differently so it’s good to determine whether your children need space during the transition or if they need you to help them along. Make sure they know you’re there for them.

Helping Them Through the Transition

Take your time with the process. Don’t send them back the day you get to your new home, especially if you’re traveling a long distance.

If you’re able, plan the move around a holiday. This will allow kids the chance to take some time to acclimate to the new environment and get to know the neighbors and adjust to their surroundings.

Depending on their age, you may be able to spend some time at your kids school their first day back. This gives you the opportunity to meet teachers, administrators, and get a feel for what they’ll be experiencing every day.

Getting Ready to Move

Moving in the middle of the year can be a stressful event for anybody. But kids can bear the brunt of the anxiety. That’s why it’s important for you to be there for them to ease the transition. 

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