7 Things to Know Before a Move to Colorado Springs

Planning on moving to Colorado Springs? If you are a nature lover, you will feel right home. As the second-largest city in Colorado, it is located at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains. In fact, it lies close to the glacier-carved Pikes Peak, a famous landmark in the Pike National Forest with a cog railway and hiking trails. 

Want to know how living in Colorado Springs will be before relocating?   

Read on and learn seven things to know before moving to Colorado Springs.

1. You Might Want to Shift Your Lifestyle to Fitness

Colorado Springs is a “fit city.” It makes frequent appearances as one of the most fitness-friendly cities. It’s among the top 10 cities ranked highest for overall fitness in the US.  

Thanks to its proximity, residents can cycle, run, and walk up and down the mountain. There are several fitness studios in the city which can help you reach your fitness goals.

2. Leave Your Formal Attire Behind

Are you planning to move to Colorado Springs? Unless your new job requires you to dress in formal attire, Colorado Springs has a casual dress code. However, you should be prepared for chilly nights.

To ensure you’re always appropriately dressed for the weather, layer your clothing. When you leave the house in the morning, it might be chilly, then warm up during the day. By evening the temperatures will likely dip down again, and you will be glad you had that sweater you wore when you left in the morning.

3. Visit the Garden of the Gods

After moving to Colorado Springs, your first visit should be the Garden of the Gods. As a stunning public park, it is a National Natural Landmark. The park is full of red rock formations.   

From the park are spectacular views of the mountains. There is also a museum, café, and gift store in the park.

4. Spot Training Olympians

Colorado Springs is home to the US Olympic Training Center. It is also the seat of the US Olympic Committee and the Olympic Musem. As such, you may come across Olympians as you hike, and bike at the Garden of the Gods.

5. Significant Military Presence

Apart from Olympians, you will notice a significant military presence. They include service members and veterans. In and around the city, is the US Air Force Academy, NORAD, Peterson Air Force Base, and Fort Carson.  

If you are a veteran or service member, restaurants and other businesses offer a military discount.

6. Hydrate Regularly

Colorado Springs is in the high desert. As such, it is easy to get dehydrated when going for a hike, bike, or a run. To avoid dehydration, have plenty of water with you as you workout. 

It is also wise to have an emergency kit.

7. Get into Winter Sports

There are many exciting outdoor winter activities to do in Colorado Springs like ice hockey, sledding, or snowshoeing. Since it’s ski country, grab a pair of skis and join the residents of Colorado Springs on the slopes.  

Moving to Colorado Springs? What to Expect

Moving to Colorado Springs is the best decision you will ever make. Not only is natural beauty abundant, but there are also so many things to do near Colorado Springs. 

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