Where Can I Find Affordable Moving Boxes in My Local Area?

Moving expenses can really add up. Even though donating unwanted items can lighten your load to reduce costs, the essential supplies you need for a successful move, like boxes, can also add up.

One way to limit expenses is to supplement your box supply with more affordable or free boxes.

Are you wondering where to find affordable supplemental boxes for your move? Here are some suggestions of places to look.


Check out apps such as LetGo or OfferUP to see if people are giving away or selling boxes (possibly from their own recent moves).

In particular, the Nextdoor app is a good choice. It connects you with other users in your area or neighborhood. This means limited travel to get boxes, and it also gives you a place to hand them off when you arrive at your new home and complete your move.

Online Groups

Facebook and Reddit have numerous groups dedicated to trading and freecycling. Get involved with something like the Buy Nothing Project to learn how to use less and score some gently used boxes from others pursuing the same ideal.


Freecycle’s online forum is an excellent place to find used moving boxes from people who have recently moved.

Create a post and request ‘free moving boxes near me.’ Indicate how many you need. The Freecycle Community is committed to making use of other’s unwanted items. You’ll likely get responses from people anxious to pass their boxes onto you.

Local Stores

Local shops and grocery stores of different brandings all have boxes and shipments coming in daily. Check with a store manager; most of these places have a box toss time (10 pm or so). 

The discarded boxes tend to be first-come, first-serve, but some stores will also hold boxes for you. Supplies are limited, but if you hit them up for a few days in a row, you can probably gather a suitable free box collection for your move.

Your Mover

Check with your moving company. While they may not have free boxes, they might have affordable, gently used boxes ideal for your move. Similar sized boxes make transportation easier. Standard and similar sized boxes are easier to stack on a moving truck and in storage.

Are You Ready to Get Moving?

Keep yourself on the exciting leg of the moving experience with planning and resourcefulness. Looking for affordable moving boxes can help turn the packing experience into a treasure hunt, rather than a chore.

Then when your move is complete, pay it forward and offer your gently-used boxes up for the next family moving. However, if the boxes took a beating and are ready to be retired, contact your local recycling center instead of throwing them away. Inquire about how you can dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. 

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