Setting up Utilities? Here Are 5 Tips for Before You Move

Setting up Utilities? Here Are 5 Tips for  Before You Move

Have a move coming up?

If you are, certainly you don’t want to show up to your new place with no water and no power.

That’s why it’s important to set up your utilities before you arrive.

We put together some helpful tips for setting up utilities.

1. Have a Plan

You don’t want to wait until you’ve moved in to call your utilities.

This process should begin a month in advance. Find out how much time you need to give your providers to start or stop service.

These are the most common utilities:

  • Water/Sewer
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Internet
  • Security System

If you’re moving locally, you can transfer your account.

Interstate or cross country moves may require the creation of new accounts. It may require deposits and credit checks.

Is your new house ready for your services? Your home may need installations in certain cases.

2. Perform Research and Gather Referrals

Do you know what the local providers are? Your landlord and future neighbors may be able to recommend certain companies or know of good deals.

Look at the reviews on Google, Yelp, and social media to gauge customer satisfaction.

You can get quotes from the provider’s website as well. Shop around for the best price and weigh that against their reviews

3. Set Up Your Utilities

Call your provider or visit their websites again to start service.

Some services like water and electricity don’t require you to be home when you start. Others, such as the Internet, can only be set up if you’re home.

If a provider has offered service to your house before, that should make things easier.

If you’re adding new services, it may take more time to install and may end up costing more.

4. Details are important

Prepare any questions you may have. When you call, take detailed notes.

Things like price and the name of the person you talk to may be handy later.

Your service may have additional costs, such as installation; Make note of these. This will be useful if hidden costs appear on your bill.

Ask whether or not you must be present during installation. Some companies charge for simple things you can do yourself. Ask if you can install equipment you know how to do yourself, like wireless routers.

Make sure your old providers have your forwarding address. You’ll want to be sure to get any refunds your owed or pay any balance that’s outstanding.

5. Cost-Savings

Here’s how to save a bit on your utilities services.

Ask for a Discount

Many companies provide seniors, veterans, and students with discounts. You may even get a new resident or new customer discount.

Call in the Morning

Customer service is better first thing in the morning Customer service reps are in a better mood after a cup of coffee.


Sometimes the rates will go up after a year. They may have provided you with a promotional offer.

Give them a call to negotiate

Now You’re Ready to Move

With these helpful tips, Setting up utilities can be much faster, cheaper, and easier.

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