Moving With Pets

Moving with Pets

Moving is pretty high on the list of most stressful life events. Add a pet to the chaos of moving, and you and your little furry friend are in for a stressful few days.

Luckily, there are a number of steps you can take to help your pet grow accustomed to their new home. Take a look at our list of helpful tips for moving with pets.

Walk Around the Neighborhood

Before the big day, it might be a good idea to walk around the new neighborhood without your pet.

This will allow you to get a lay of the land. Be on the lookout for any kids, busy streets and intersections, as well as other dogs or cats. Look out for hazards for them to avoid or something they’ll enjoy.

Pack Their Things Last

The packing process for anyone can be stressful but for pets, it can be an especially confusing experience. 

Wait to pack their things last. Or if they have a favorite room, let them hang out there until you’re ready to go. That way, they’ll have someplace familiar during the chaos of moving.

The Big Day

On moving day, try to maintain their daily routine as much as possible. It’s a confusing experience for them so you’ll want to give them something familiar like timely feeding, walks, playtime, etc.

And be sure they’re kept in a room during the process so they don’t escape while you’re loading the truck.

Transporting Your Four-Legged Friends

You may be worried about taking your pet in a truck or plane to get to your new location.

Take the time prior to the move and acclimate them to a crate if they haven’t been already. Maybe take them for short car rides in the crate so they can get used to it.

Your New Home

It may be a good idea to acclimate them to the new place slowly. The entire experience can be overwhelming for a pet so take them through room by room so they can become accustomed to their new environment

Professional Movers 

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