Pack Your Garage Like a Moving Pro

If you’re like most people, there’s a particular part of the house that strikes fear into your heart when it’s time to pack up and move: The garage.

It’s not hard to understand why the garage is so often left until last. After all, it’s packed with stuff that just doesn’t fit in the rest of the house. From oily automotive parts to dirty lawn tools, bulky outdoor equipment, and random items that just don’t get used very often, the garage can definitely present a packing challenge.

But don’t be intimidated. These tips will help you pack your garage like a moving pro.

Editing Down

The first step in a successful garage move involves taking the time to go through your belongings and (most importantly) getting rid of anything you don’t want or need. While we understand the impulse to simply box everything up and worry about it later, you’ll thank your future self for making an effort to edit.

Plus, there’s no good reason for paying to move items you don’t use or want. Start by separating your garage stuff into four categories:

  • Keep
  • Donate to charity/give away
  • Sell
  • Trash

Not only does this method means you’ll have less stuff to move, but the recipients of your donations will benefit, too. You can even make a few extra bucks to fund your move by selling items you don’t want anymore.

Review the Rules

Certain materials are classified as “hazardous” by federal safety regulations, so they can’t be transported in a moving truck. Your moving company will let you know what’s on the list.

Many forbidden items are typically stored in garages and may include:

  • Paint and thinner
  • Aerosols
  • Diesel and gasoline
  • Propane tanks
  • Pesticide and fertilizer
  • Charcoal
  • Flammable items

Tool Packing Tips

When packing tools, have bubble wrap, tape, and moving blankets on hand. Bundle shovels, rakes, and other garden tools together, wrap in a moving blanket, then tape securely.

If you’ve kept original packaging, that’s a perfect way to pack tools. If not, wrap sharp edges with bubble wrap before placing them in moving boxes. Don’t forget to take batteries out of power tools first. Simply put small hand tools in a secure toolbox.

Outdoor Equipment

Now comes the fun part: Packing standard (and bulky) garage items such as lawnmowers, BBQ grills, and bicycles. Start by draining the gas from your yard equipment before safely securing any sharp edges.

Remember that movers usually can’t move charcoal or propane tanks, so you’ll have to remove those from your BBQ. (Perhaps your neighbor would appreciate them!) Clean your grill before securing it for the move.

Consider taking your bikes apart before moving; it’s usually easy to remove wheels and handlebars. You can also find specialty bike moving boxes for extra protection.

Finally, defrost your garage freezer several days before the move. Give the interior time to dry before loading it onto the moving truck.

When you’re disassembling and packing items, snap pictures before and during the disassembly. This simple step will make it easier to put everything back together again when you reach your new home.

Make Moving Simple 

Moving a garage can seem intimidating — but it doesn’t have to be. When you give yourself time to edit and organize the packing process, you’ll enjoy a smooth garage move.

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