5 Reasons to Downsize Your Stuff Before You Move

It’s common to downsize your belongings before you move. But, you might not understand the importance of it.

It’s a lot of work to pack items you don’t want or need. On a long-distance move, more belongings also add to the cost.

Here are five reasons you’ll benefit from downsizing.

1. Packing Takes Less Time

Most people don’t enjoy the process of packing. If you can, minimize this task as much as possible.

It’s not just that fewer belongings need less time to pack. It’s a matter of motivation and energy. The more time you spend packing, the longer it takes you to pack the last half of your stuff.

You’ll reach the finish line much faster if you can cut back by 20 percent.

2. You’ll Spend Less to Move

Moving companies estimate the total cost of a move on weight, size, and distance. You might not be able to influence the distance, but you can change the weight and size.

Moving can be expensive, particularly if you relocate hundreds of miles away. However, minimizing expenses is practical if your employer isn’t covering the cost.

Compare the cost of moving belongings to the price of replacing them in your new location. If you’re not using the items very much, you might save a lot of money by selling or donating them.

3. It’s Easier to Unpack

In most cases, packing is a two-stage process. Everything that you pack will be something that you have to unpack.

If you think the packing process is exhausting, keep in mind that it’s only half of the work.

It’s hard to justify the time to sort your items, particularly if you’re moving on a short timeline. But, the more time you invest in the beginning, the less you’ll have to spend at the end.

4. You’ll Have More Room

Rooms always feel larger when they have less furniture. So you might think you have more space in your new home than you do.

Moving to a new home usually involves a significant change in the floor plan. Things aren’t going to fit exactly the way they did before. So it might require some negotiation.

You must fill the home with less stuff if you want more room. Each space will feel more open that way.

5. Your New Home Stays Cleaner

By now, you probably know all the places in your current home where clutter tends to accumulate. You’ll have similar problems in your new home if you’re not careful.

Keeping a room clean and tidy involves managing the clutter. The more clutter you have, the more time you spend cleaning.

Although decluttering is something that you may have to do regularly, you can give yourself a better start. Downsizing things like decor and collections can keep them manageable.

An Easier Move

Downsizing your stuff is a great way to ensure you get a fresh start in your new home. For other ways that we can help to simplify your moving process, request a free quote today.