Who to Notify When You Move: Here Is a Change of Address Checklist

Whether you’re planning an out-of-state move or down the street, you must notify the proper people and places about your upcoming move. It’s ideal to do this earlier rather than later. That way, you won’t face potential hassles such as missed bills or service lapses.

You already know you need to notify your friends and family, but who else needs to know?  Not sure where to start? This handy change of address checklist will let you know who you need to give a heads up to about your new residence.

The Post Office

The first people you need to notify are at the post office. You can do this in person or file the change online. Once you submit this change, anything that goes to your old address will automatically get forwarded to your new address. 

Do this at least a week before you move so that you don’t have a gap between your move and the mail delivery change. Keep an eye out for the yellow tag on your mail. Use these to know who you still need to notify of your move. 


You need to let utility providers know that you know longer live at one address and are now responsible for another. This includes gas, water, electric, and trash. Schedule to have your new home active in your name before you plan to move in. 

While you’re arranging for service turn-on at your new home, you should also arrange for service shut-off at your old residence. This will prevent you from getting charged for service after your move. 

Tax Agencies 

You can’t avoid paying your taxes just because you move. You’ll need to let both the IRS and your state tax agency know. You can do both of these online through the IRS website and your state’s government website. 

Social Security Administration 

Do you receive Social security benefits? If so, then you notify the SSA that you’ve moved. You can do this by heading online to fill out the change of address application

Cable, Internet, and Phone 

Before you have the movers arrive to load up your home, you should have your cable, internet, and phone transferred to your new home. This will ensure that everything is up and running the day you move in. 

Insurance Providers 

Notify every company you have an insurance policy with. This will ensure you get any important documents and that sensitive information isn’t compromised. 

Loan Providers 

If you have any outstanding loans, then you need to let the lender know that you’ve moved. Otherwise, you risk missing potentially important mailings about your loan. If you have a car loan, you’re required to let the lender know where the vehicle is. 


Your employer needs to know if you have a new address. They need to send your paycheck print outs and tax forms to the right address. 

Subscription and Service Providers  

This could be your monthly pest control service or your subscription to a magazine. Make a list of all services and work your way through the list. Most will be an easy phone call or online form update. 

It can be easy to miss someone that should be on this list. This is when paying attention to the mail forwarding stickers on your mail comes in handy. 

Know Who to Notify When You Move

By working your way through this list, you’ll know who to notify when you move. Don’t worry if you miss someone; the USPS will forward mail for up to a year after your move.  

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