Moving With Kids: 6 Essential Items to Leave Unpacked for Moving Day

Moving with kids can be an exciting experience! You’ll need to have the proper equipment available to you on moving day to ensure that your kids will stay out of the way of movers and adequately entertained. This means that you’ll have to leave some essential items unpacked for the day of the move. Here’s are some suggestions to help when moving with kids.

1. Snacks

Kids need healthy, non-sticky, non-messy snacks on moving day. Pack snacks that are filling and tasty. Granola bars, apples, cheese sticks, and dried fruits are all examples of the types of foods that you’ll want to have on hand for your children on moving day. You may also need to order food for lunch on moving day, so know the name of a local place that serves food your kids are likely to eat without trouble.

2. A Comforting Item

Moving can be a little traumatic. Leave out a comforting item such as a stuffed animal, a favorite blanket, or a preferred doll to have on hand. If your child is old enough to choose, allow your child to pick the item for themselves.

3. Change of Clothes

Kids can get messy, especially if you plan to send the kids into the backyard while the movers take away boxes. Put a change of clothes in a bag, including underwear, socks, and a sweater or jacket for the evening. You can also put your kid’s pajamas in this bag, so you can easily find what you need to get them ready for bed in the evening after you’re in your new home and the movers have left.

4. Medicines

If your child needs medication during the day, you’ll naturally want to have their medicines on hand and available whenever you need them. Ask your child’s physician for extras of the prescription if you’ll need some during the transition. Even if your kids don’t take any medicine regularly, you’ll still want to have some medication available if your child wakes up not feeling well. Consider leaving out a fever-reducer, thermometer, allergy, and other regular medication your child may take throughout the year.

5. A Source of Entertainment

It’s so important to have a source of entertainment for your child available! It’s also essential for the entertainment source to be easily transportable. This might be a hand-held video game system, some car-ride games, or games loaded onto a mobile device. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something your kids will find entertaining for long periods.

6. Items Needed for Nap Time

If your child is young enough to need naps, keep items needed for nap time available throughout the relocation. This might include a roll-out mat, a blanket, and a pillow. If your child needs something else to get to sleep – like a music player to soothe them – leave that out as well.

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