How to Adapt to Moving Into a Bigger Home

As the saying goes, bigger is often better, and that’s never more true than when searching for a new home. Moving into a larger space is always satisfying, especially if you have outgrown your previous home.

People tend to fill their living spaces with “stuff” they accumulate over time. Also, if you’re used to living in a smaller home, you may need to figure out what to do with so much extra space. Fortunately, these steps can help you adjust seamlessly.

Step One: Start With What You Have

When moving into a larger home, at least initially, one of the biggest shocks can be how much space there is. That said, once you move all your belongings, you must set them in place and live with them for a little while.

What you want to try to avoid is creating unnecessary clutter. Just because the room looks empty doesn’t mean you should spread your stuff out to fill it. Instead, it’s better to keep everything organized and start planning what would make the most sense in those unused spaces.

Step Two: Don’t Rush Into Any New Furniture or Decor

If you have empty rooms in your larger house, you may be tempted to buy furniture or knick-knacks to make the place feel used and lived in. However, before you rush out to the nearest furniture store, it’s best to devise a game plan.

Ideally, you should live with the extra room for a few weeks or months. During that time, you’ll come up with different ideas on how to use the space. Consider elements like which rooms you use the most, how often you host guests, or whether you plan to increase your family size.

Overall, filling in your extra spaces organically over time is better. If you rush into something, you may decide you don’t like it later, and you will replace it.

Step Three: Consider Cleaning and Upkeep

One of the struggles of living in a larger house is that it requires more maintenance and upkeep. Further complicating the problem is if you accumulate a lot of clutter. The more belongings you have, the more dust they collect, and the more time it can take to clean a single room.

So, when learning how to live in a bigger house, start coming up with action plans to stay on top of cleaning. Unfortunately, falling behind doesn’t take much, so this step requires extra diligence and perseverance. However, you can utilize technology to make the process easier. For example, a robot vacuum and air purifier can help care for dust and light messes, allowing you to focus on deep cleaning every other month or so.

Step Four: Think About Long-Term Goals

As we mentioned, one of the best ways to determine how to use an empty space is to think long-term. Are you trying to have more kids? If so, will they each have their own room? What about hosting guests and family members?

If you have a few extra rooms, consider whether you want to work from home in a dedicated office space. Similarly, you could focus on your fitness goals by setting up a home gym. Also, remember that you can wait to furnish these spaces. For example, with a home gym, you may start with a treadmill and slowly add more items over time.

Get Help For Moving Into a Larger House

Moving into a bigger home is exciting, and we want to help you transition as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We know you can’t wait to start this next chapter of your life, so let us take care of the hard work for you! Contact us today.