5 Tips for Performing a Move in a Hurry

5 Tips for Performing a Move in a Hurry

Moving is sometimes be an overwhelming process. And if you’re in a situation where you need to expedite your move, it can sometimes be too much to take. That’s why we’ve compiled a set of tips for those who need to move in a hurry.

1. Get your help ASAP

If you need some help during your move (and you probably will), you’re going to want to contact help as soon as you can. Soliciting help may be tricky depending on how short notice the move is.

You can reach out to friends and family or possibly a professional moving company to lock-in their help right away.

2. Come Up With a Checklist

Write down a checklist of moving priorities. This will help things go smoothly in case you forget something. It’s a good way to prioritize too. You’ll have to accelerate your timeline in this case so keep that in mind.

Checklists not only help you organize your goals and timeline but the act of writing things out can help you come up with steps you might not have thought of.

It doesn’t matter how detailed you want your checklist to be. Just having one can be a huge help in expedited circumstances. 

3. Moving is a Great Time to Downsize Your Belongings

Getting rid of anything you don’t really need is a crucial step in a move, regardless of the timeline.

Get to work right away designating “donate” and “throwaway” piles. 

In the circumstances of a short notice move, you don’t really have time to be nostalgic. You’ve got to get everything out ASAP.

Once you’ve got your donate and trash piles boxed up and ready to go, get rid of the trash and take your donate box to your local charity organization.

4. Gather Moving Supplies

Stock up on lots of moving supplies. It’s always a good idea to check the return policy on items you may not use. Then, overstock your materials. Buying too many supplies is better than having to make multiple trips if you didn’t buy enough.

You’ll definitely need the following materials:

  • Boxes
  • Packing paper/bubble wrap
  • Markers
  • Labels
  • Packing tape and dispenser

5. Organize and Label Your Boxes

Knowing exactly what you have in each box will save a huge headache once you get to your new place.

It’s important to create an organized labeling system for all your boxes. Your label should have both the contents of the box as well as the room it belongs in. Label every side of the box as well.

Bonus Tips

If your move feels too big to handle by yourself or even a few people, it probably is. Avoid headaches and mistakes by planning as best you can ahead of time; however much time that is.

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